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Top 3 Favorite JAV Girls December 2018

Top 3 Favorite JAV Girls December 2018

Haven’t achieved such a in a while. 🙂 right here we pass

Matsushita Saeko

Chinami Ito

Sakamichi Miru 

1. Matsushita Saeko

  • call: 松下紗栄子
  • Age: 28
  • top: 165cm
  • modern DMM Rank #53
  • overall quantity of films: sixty five

Saeko is the actual deal. She sticks out plenty and he or she easily grabs anyone’s attention. That’s why absolutely everyone is noticing her? :).

She is notably properly composed and mild. And has the entire package deal: boobs, ass, frame, and face, plus her acting is okay too, she will be able to communicate properly and she can act in dramas.

Apparently enough, she first of all debuted for SOD studio and joined Attackers and Tameike Goro studio first. To emerge as signing as an special actress for Attackers studio, where she quickly found success. And operating for that studio, it manner that she in general performs the position of an abused and tormented female. Which… nicely, given her evidently gentle personality I assume it fits her well.

To decorate her stylish girl aura she also claims to have studying and tea ceremony as hobbies… Works for me.

2. Chinami Ito

  • call: 伊東ちなみ
  • Age: 22
  • peak: 162cm
  • cutting-edge DMM Rank #18
  • total number of movies: 59

For a long time, while everyone could inquire from me for a JAV lady recommendation i'd advise Chinami Ito.

Chinami in MOODYZ has been one of the great happenings in eastern porn for the last couple of years. She suits so properly in all that lingerie sets and that studio extract the fine from her.  She debuted and remained an special actress for the studio considering the fact that her 2015 debut. Being one among their most stable money printing machines when you consider that.

One curious factor is that on the time of the debut she had a C cup, however it became an F cup through the years. She claimed to in no way have performed any surgery. That her titties commenced developing due to drinking soymilk and doing massages… if that’s even possible.

She additionally won the DMM great newcomer award in 2016. Nuff stated she has extraordinary frame and face. and he or she gave us a number of unforgettable moments (some below).

Sadly, there has been some retirement rumors.

3. Sakamichi Miru

  • name: 坂道みる
  • Age: 19
  • peak: 157cm
  • contemporary DMM Rank #32
  • general number of films:  15 (seems DMM counts the Blu-ray versions too, greater like nine in reality)
  • Twitter: @sakamichi_miru

Her debut in SSNI-289 became first rate, and everything that accompanied has been even better, and the entirety culminated on SSNI-355, a triple crossover with Karo Yura, and Kojima Minami.

Granted her performing is still very green and desires to enhance plenty. She’s nonetheless honestly digicam-shy. however allow’s face the facts: she sends my dick to oblivion. With that said, the girl is an angel. placed it this manner: Sakamichi Miru is a loli with the body an Angel which fucks with the strength of a semen-demon.

One of my preferred freshmen in 2018, and appears S1 will make her an distinctive actress (in all likelihood, and with a bit of luck).

She’s too suitable for porn. i'm able to’t stress this enough.

special mentions:

  1. Misaki Nanami. She’s too cute for porn, the young blood the JAV enterprise desires. I nearly covered within the top 3 list above. however Miru inspired me even greater.
  2. Haneda Tsubasa absolutely unnoticed this woman. She has pretty a outstanding body.
  3. Ririka.  might not have the great frame available, but she has so much swag and ability.
  4. Shion Yumi. A truly superb rookie with a really incredible body.



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