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Top 10 Most Attractive Actresses

Top 10 Most Attractive Actresses

These days we’re counting down the top 10 maximum attractive actresses. even as I’ve usually been someone who loves big breasts, I truly find a woman’s eyes to be the maximum attractive bodily nice. whether or not you locate an actress cute, pretty, warm, or beautiful, we’re counting down my pinnacle 10 most appealing actresses. remember the fact that this is my listing, and others will obviously have exclusive reviews, which I’d like to listen!

  • Honourable Mentions
  • Nana Fukada
  • Marina Yuzuki
  • Marina Shiraishi
  • Aika Yumeno

I truely wanted to discover room for them at the list, however alas no longer everyone can make the listing. maybe sooner or later they could make the list, however for now, they’re the few that had been almost close enough.

10. Rena Fukiishi

Anybody has someone they like that others don’t, and for me that’s Rena. a part of why i like Rena as a whole lot as I do is because I discover her so appealing. I don’t realize what it is about her, or why I find her so appealing, all I know is that I do. I wasn’t constantly this way either, in fact I didn’t even like her before everything. but once I did start watching her, I realized that I stored admiring how appealing i found her.

9. Aki Sasaki

Aki Sasaki wasn’t a person I notion i might watch when I did, however I saved noticing she became very pretty on covers. after I did ultimately watch her, it wasn’t long earlier than i used to be simply looking her all the time. For someone her age, she’s insanely attractive and doesn’t even look that vintage.

8. Ai Sayama

In the beginning I by no means found Ai Sayama this appealing, however her GES completely modified my mind. She looked so appropriate in that one and i couldn’t help but recognize her. considering then I’ve pretty plenty been a big fan of her appearance. Even her older stuff has been status out to me loads as properly.

7. Anri Okita

I don’t assume everybody might be amazed inside the slightest to peer Anri in this list. She’s actually very appealing, no doubt approximately that. I truly preferred Anri at the end of her profession, as she started to look just a bit older and clearly refine her looks. What’s not to like approximately Anri?

6. Erika Kitagawa

Erika Kitagawa has been pretty for the duration of her career, whether she’s had quick hair, dark hair, mild hair, you name it. It’s tough for actresses to be appealing for as long as she has with as a good deal version on her appearance, and but Erika’s carried out it. There’s continually just some thing about her wherein she appears so exquisite. If that first photo doesn’t get you I don’t know what's going to.

5. Hibiki Ootsuki

Hibiki is the newest addition to this listing, and boy is she ever pretty. once I watched her for the primary time, there has been one thing that stood out to me: holy was she pretty. As a good deal as I enjoyed her overall performance and the video,  her splendor stood out to me the most. It in reality took me a couple films to comprehend just how good she is, but now I’m totally addicted to her. Combining such good performances with those appears is superb, and while you get all sorts of great photos off of social media, it’s not possible no longer to need greater.


There’s no denying RION’s beauty. RION might not be the satisfactory performer, however she got thus far in her career simply primarily based on her physical appearance. Yeah, her breasts are superb, and yeah, her frame is first-class, but she’s also any such beauty. Actresses are a lot multiple or  features but every so often sure characteristics stand out enough which you just can’t help your self; that’s precisely the case with RION.

3. Julia

Julia has lengthy on the grounds that been one of the most appealing JAV actresses. She’s appeared distinctive during her career but she’s additionally been insanely attractive as properly. I think that’s one of the big motives I hold looking Julia, because she’s simply warm. It’s type of exactly like RION, besides I do locate Julia a touch greater attractive (and a better performer). recently Julia hasn’t seemed quite as precise as she traditionally has, but that doesn’t get rid of from Julia in her prime being drop useless appropriate.

2. Hitomi

Hitomi’s defining physical feature is her breasts, but I suppose she’s really very stunning. numerous people seem to overlook that, but I recognize there are a few who think she is appealing – even amongst those that dislike her breasts. people constantly appear to assume the reason i really like her a lot are her breasts, in particular with a call like Oppaira, but they’re handiest partly proper. yes, i like her breasts, they’re my preferred in all of JAV, but she wouldn’t be my favored if that was it. She has different first rate characteristics: her acting is tremendous, but she’s also in order that damn quite. perhaps I’m biased from all of the years I’ve spent watching her, but regardless, I suppose she’s splendid.

1. Meguri

Meguri has long due to the fact that been the most appealing JAV actress to me. not just that, she’s simply directly up the maximum appealing person I’ve ever visible. Meguri is just amazingly beautiful to me, and it’s tough to describe in phrases simply how pretty I suppose she is. There’s an excellent purpose she’s in my top three actresses, and her elegance is that purpose. I discover myself admiring her splendor in films, which meant I enjoyed non-sexual parts greater or loved blowjobs loads more. Meguri is certainly my number one most attractive actress.

This concludes my top 10 maximum appealing actresses. i'm hoping to hear from others who their favourites are!


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