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Top 10 Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Series Videos

Top 10 Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Series Videos

For those of you that recognize me, you understand that the female friend’s Elder Sister collection (GES) is my all-time favored collection in JAV. It’s a phenomenal series that capabilities some of the high-quality actresses within the business and a few clearly terrific performing/scenes. There are now 20 motion pictures inside the collection and that i’ve watched all of them religiously. here I be counted down the top 10 motion pictures inside the series. before i am getting to a be counted down, let me deliver some background at the series and what makes it so desirable.

First of all, the collection is definitely uncomplicated. The series is My female friend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me together with her large tits, saying It’s good enough To Creampie Her. If that doesn’t let you know what to anticipate, I don’t understand what to say. every video greater or much less has the same fundamental plot structure, and then each individual video has a few variations to preserve matters a chunk thrilling. all of them begin with the boyfriend going to his girlfriend’s house wherein her elder sister is at home. whilst the boyfriend sees the elder sister, he can’t assist however word her big titties and turns into inquisitive about them. The elder sister notices him and is similarly involved, so she starts offevolved tempting him. The video then plays out with the two of them being risky across the residence, whether or not it’s a quickie inside the kitchen, a paizuri within the bathtub, or sex inside the other room. on the give up of each video, the female friend reveals out about the two of them and springs into the scene complaining about what they’re doing, and the 2 of them don’t care and preserve. As per the title, there are creampies inside the video, generally a couple of and honestly inside the final scene while the lady friend is there.

There are numerous motives that make it truely desirable. the first is that the video is without a doubt clean to comply with alongside for a video with as a good deal plot as it has, even if you don’t apprehend japanese. It’s frequently tough to fully enjoy plot-based totally JAV due to the lack of awareness. looking something like a secret investigator or incest video just doesn’t come across as enjoyable with out knowing what they’re talking approximately, however this collection is in reality smooth to recognize. when you can see the female friend in the history and the 2 trying to be quiet, you realize exactly what’s going on. Secondly, the “keep the moan” element is remarkable. JAV is thought for how a whole lot the actresses whine while having sex, and these movies commonly avoid that. It’s actually fantastic to peer something in which they’re actively trying not to make the ones noises, and it commonly comes throughout first-rate. It’s now not simply the component of them holding their moaning, but also them seeking to be sneaky and now not get stuck. There’s something about nearly getting caught that’s enjoyable, and that they very tons so promote that issue in this video. The performing is likewise a simply big thing of the series, and it’s truly superb to watch actresses try their excellent. There are some actresses that simply step up to the plate on this series, and i suppose having quite a few entries to look for steering from plus surely properly recommendations makes it clean to excel. Moments where the actress almost receives stuck within the act, or when they get creampied in the front in their sister – they’re just really proper performing moments.

Every video indexed here has an abridged evaluation in this top 10 listing, however additionally has a complete overview you can locate by means of clicking at the hyperlink inside the title.

Now without in addition ado, allow’s get into the pinnacle 10 scores:

10 - [PPPD-308] Yui Hatano

when I first saw this video, i was somewhat surprised. Yui in an oppai movie doesn’t make an awful lot sense aside from Yui is in reality famous. but if there’s one component to take out of this, it’s that Yui is popular for a reason.

The video features 6 scenes, 2 of them finishing in creampies. The lady friend is within the scene at some stage in one in every of them as a non-sex scene and that they almost get caught in 3 scenes. the primary scene has Yui teasing the fellow inside the residing room. inside the 2nd scene, she catches him inside the hallway and blows him. inside the third scene, he leaves for the washroom and she or he fucks him within the hallway. within the fourth scene they’re playing around in the bedroom in which she offers him a paizuri, followed up with the aid of the fifth scene wherein she gives him a few comparable motion in the tub. The final scene has her fucking him inside the kitchen with the female friend inside the dwelling room beside them, and it ends with them inside the dwelling room after the sister finds out.

What I favored maximum approximately the video was Yui’s performance. She’s a surely proper actress, no doubt about it. The sex is very solid, but her performing is what stands proud right here. She’s capable of without a doubt set the mood and seduce the man, while imparting right acting at the important thing moments. i used to be additionally keen on them doing it in the hallway, it did help capture the essence of them simply taking something possibilities they might find to make it work.

What I disliked about the video turned into the lack of the female friend within the photograph. I truely like the idea of it being amazing volatile, and it always looks as if there’s a bit of a protection internet in this video, like there’s in no way any real risk. The simplest unstable second is Yui slightly exposing one breast and it’s type of pitiful The lady friend even just randomly leaves (they don’t give an explanation for why) and there’s simply complete immunity there. I additionally wasn’t specifically a fan that Yui has smallish breasts, and it absolutely appeared awkward when she was giving him a paizuri in comparison to the average performer inside the collection. It’s no longer about whether I do or don’t like her breasts, it’s that her potential to apply them for titty fucking or as a plot point due to the fact they’re huge is low. lastly, I felt the movement changed into a bit bit repetitive, as they'd one paizuri scene develop into a 2nd one, or Yui catching him in the hallway twice.

Rating: 8.5/10

typical, the video is very well. It’s handiest the 10th ranked video, it’s ok but it’s nothing unique. I truely didn’t count on this video making pinnacle 10 at the start, and i should without problems see a destiny access (possibly Kaho Shibuya or Chitose Saegusa) knocking her off this list. even as I’m positive it being Yui Hatano performs a extra enormous role for others, I believe it’s smooth for this to now not seem on a list as properly.

9 - [PPPD-387] Yuri Oshikawa

Yuri is someone I didn’t surely recognize about prior to the GES series, however her video was fairly desirable, sufficient to make my list and beat out some fan-favourites which you’ll possibly be amazed are missing.

The video capabilities five scenes, 3 of them ending in creampies. The lady friend is within the scene at some stage in 2 of them (plus the finishing) and they almost get stuck in 2 scenes. inside the first scene, they’re all within the kitchen/eating room region at the same time as Yuri is getting ready food and receives the boyfriend to help her out, which leads into them having sex within the back. The scene scene is Yuri giving him a paizuri inside the bathtub. within the 0.33 scene, they’re all sitting in the residing room when someone comes to the door. Yuri’s sister answers it and that they take that opportunity for some sex. in the fourth scene, Yuri’s touching herself in her bed room whilst the opposite two are having intercourse. And inside the final scene, Yuri invades them at the same time as they’re dozing and has a few amusing with the boyfriend earlier than subsequently getting caught.

What I preferred approximately the video turned into that they attempted to in reality seize the essence of it. that they had some very unstable situations and conditions in which the female friend was inside the scene. that is what i like most approximately the series, and that they attempted to do an awesome activity here. As far as her appears pass, i was pleasantly surprised by way of her. Having no longer truly visible a good deal of her content material earlier, I notion she looked super. The sex is also fairly strong, it’s high-quality enough to view.

What I disliked about the video was how little they cared about it making experience. She gets stuck using the guy at one factor, along with her pinnacle down, and nobody appears to blink at it. that is really likely the worst screw up in the complete series (okay, maybe 2nd as compared to Aimi Yoshikawa screaming beside her snoozing sister). even as her ability to maintain her moaning was fairly true, I think that was approximately as excellent because it got from her performing. It wasn’t always terrible, however she in large part didn’t galvanize me. Her facial expressions had been a mixed bag, they were accurate at times but I wasn’t absolutely satisfied. especially within the finishing, she honestly didn’t do a good activity.

Usual, it’s an alright video. It comes in at number nine at the listing. it is able to truly have been higher, but thinking about i was unfamiliar with Yuri going into it, I’ll take it as a solid win for her that her video turned into higher than a few excellent actresses, including Yui Hatano who placed tenth.

Score: 9/10

8 - [PPPD-408] Ai Sayama

Ai Sayama’s someone I’m normally very precise about, however I concept this turned into one of her higher videos. She no longer simplest puts on a terrific overall performance, but appears splendid right here.

The video capabilities 5 scenes, 3 of them ending in creampies. The lady friend is in the scene during 2 of them (plus the ending) and that they nearly get stuck in 1 scene. inside the first scene, they’re ingesting inside the kitchen when Ai starts offevolved teasing the boyfriend. She then gets him to help her with the dishes, besides she gets him to fuck her. the second scene is a toilet scene where she blows him and offers him a paizuri. inside the 0.33 scene, they’re fucking in a bedroom whilst the female friend is just out of doors on the balcony hanging up a few clothes to dry. in the subsequent scene, the guy is dreaming approximately Ai playing around with him before he’s unexpectedly awoken. And in the final scene, Ai’s spying on them while she convinces him to return be a part of her outside, where they’re a touch too loud at one factor and get caught.

What actually stands proud to me the maximum about the video is just how exact she seems. I’m frequently very crucial approximately her look, and that i frequently don’t think she looks as right as she ought to. this is arguably the fine she’s ever regarded in a video. The make-up is without a doubt on factor. some other thing I pretty loved become her capability to seduce the guy. She has some really exact facial expressions and appears to recognize simply what to do to entice him. Even in a second that appears unscripted (she drops a bowl even as he’s consuming her out), she performs it off properly.

What I dislike on this video is they don’t have sufficient “quickie” kind scenes. I just like the idea of a scene in which they don’t pretty have intercourse because they nearly get caught or something it is that stops them. unluckily, they preserve to simply maintain having sex. There’s a rest room scene that she offers him a paizuri, and then a scene wherein she’s on top of him in which he’s dreaming. It simply all doesn’t quite live up to expectation.

Score: 9.five/10

Average, it’s a good video and likely my favorite from Ai. I’m generally now not as massive a fan of her as I ought to be, but that is a rare gem. She places on a completely respectable performance and looks exquisite.

7 – [PPPD-501] Erika Kitagawa

Erika’s video is a piece specific at times, but her sturdy performance and remarkable expressions assist make the video as true as it is.

The video functions five scenes, 2 of them finishing in creampies. The female friend is within the scene for the duration of 2 of them (plus the finishing) and they almost get caught in 2 scenes. in the intro, Erika receives out of the bathe and runs into the boyfriend. Her towel drops to expose her, and she or he doesn’t completely cover up seeing that she’s excited by the notion of him searching at her. within the first scene, Erika’s sister is inside the tub when she grabs the boyfriend, takes him to her room, and fucks him, which results in a creampie. In the second one scene, she offers him a bit of a cheeky footjob under the desk whilst they’re ingesting, and when he’s cleansing the dishes, she is going and receives him off at the back of the counter. in the 0.33 scene, Erika visits him whilst they’re slumbering, where she sucks and titty fucks him beside her napping sister. inside the next scene, Erika has a solo masturbation scene. The final scene has the female friend leaving the condo, and that they spare no time setting out to enterprise. The sister returns to find them having sex, and he finally creampies Erika before trying to calm his female friend down while the video ends.

Firstly, i love this intro. It’s really unique and comes across natural as well. I assume everybody’s visible some sort of towel losing video, in order that familiarity is going a protracted way. Erika’s appearing is very good as well, she’s appropriate at the usage of visual cues to bring ideas and she or he looks as if she’s definitely playing it. I’m now not totally sure what they had been doing for the duration of the intro along with her expression, but the relaxation turned into first rate. i was additionally typically keen on the intercourse, she was properly at preserving man or woman during it and retaining up the act, rather than simply letting it turn out to be any other video.

What I truly disliked right here was the solo scene. I find this scene has no vicinity on this video, because the whole factor is supposed to be about her having intercourse with him behind her sister’s returned. at the same time as this receives done in a few other movies (like Yuri Oshikawa’s), they show a split screen view of her masturbating whilst the other  are having intercourse. in this video, there’s none of that, so the scene simply feels really bizarre. i'm able to’t start to apprehend why that is here, and i genuinely want it wasn’t. if they had completed some other scene where they almost got stuck or the sister changed into in the frame, it may were a whole lot higher on the list.

Score – 9.6/10

6 – [PPPD-488] AIKA

AIKA’s a virtually exciting entry much like Yui Hatano, wherein her repute and fulfillment is why she’s here in preference to the benefit of her breasts, which can be small for this particular series. That being stated, AIKA coming in sixth simply is going to expose how desirable her acting honestly is.

The video features five scenes, 2 of them ending in creampies. The female friend is inside the scene for the duration of 4 of them (plus the finishing) and that they nearly get stuck in 2 scenes. in the first scene, AIKA spies a chunk on them having sex. while the woman goes to sleep after, AIKA comes and joins for some fun. inside the 2nd scene, they’re all consuming within the living room while her sister and the boyfriend pass out. AIKA wakes him up to have intercourse at the same time as her sister is dozing there. within the 1/3 scene, AIKA drops her fork even as they’re ingesting and has some amusing with him while she’s beneath the table getting it.  The sister then answers the door and AIKA has a few greater amusing with him even as her sister is away, getting him off. The fourth scene has the boyfriend go be part of his lady friend inside the bathtub, but not earlier than AIKA catches him in the restroom and gets him off. inside the final scene, they’re playing playing cards inside the bed room while AIKA’s sister receives a phone call and is going into the hallway to reply it. AIKA starts fucking him at the same time as she’s up, and while her sister finishes the decision, they get stuck. AIKA just continues on fucking him until he creampies her, revelling in what she’s carried out.

What i love approximately AIKA’s video is that she’s only a excellent performer. From the sex to the acting, she does a first-rate task. She truely appears to get what the video is all approximately, so her facial expressions are in reality on point. Of every body inside the series, I suppose she gave the impression of she loved it the most, that the idea of fucking her sister’s boyfriend become fun for her.

I have to mention it, however AIKA’s breasts got inside the manner of what could have been terrific. They’re at the small aspect and it genuinely shows at instances. a whole lot of the rest of the video is ideal, however this actually wasn’t the best component. some other aspect that sucked changed into the scene in which she dropped her fork. maybe others will disagree with me and revel in it, but of any state of affairs in any of the films, hers turned into the one that struck me as the most eldritch. I just don’t truely get how after 10 mins below a small table, no one cares. She’s underneath for a couple of minutes before the sister solutions the door and continues to be there when she comes back.

Score – 9.7/10

I would make out the troubles in this video to be a lot more than they truly are, due to the fact AIKA nonetheless scored a 9.7, that is a superb score. thinking about she changed into running with a handicap in her small breasts, she simply amazed me. I’m certainly now not partial to AIKA, I don’t in reality like gals and that i assume anybody knows me as the breast guy, however i will recognize a good video once I see one, and this became desirable.

5 – [PPPD-481] Asahi Mizuno

I'm able to admit that this is the first Asahi Mizuno video I watched. I’m happy it become, as it was exquisite. I recollect announcing she wasn’t a favourite yet, however I’d take a look at greater of her out. i can firmly say she’s a fave of mine now, and the this video is a superb reason why.

The video capabilities 6 scenes, 2 of them finishing in creampies. The girlfriend is inside the scene during three of them (plus the finishing) and that they almost get stuck in three scenes. in the first scene, the boyfriend and girlfriend are having sex while Asahi is spying on them, sincerely wishing it become her. in the 2d scene, they’re ingesting dinner while she’s wearing a revealing pinnacle. Asahi then gives him a footjob underneath the desk before he excuses himself because he can’t maintain his face straight. Asahi then goes over and joins him simply off to the side inside the hallway where she finishes the activity. in the next scene, they’re napping when Asahi comes and starts offevolved fooling around with him. they have sex at the same time as her sister is proper there which ends up in a creampie. inside the fourth scene, Asahi runs into the boyfriend inside the morning and grabs him to return take a tub with him. They depart the door open, and at the same time as they’re all soaped up, the girlfriend comes to use the restroom and that they cover in the back of the door. Asahi enjoying the unstable sex, she keeps whilst the sister is there and receives him off with a paizuri. within the 5th scene, he’s cleaning the table after lunch when Asahi catches him within the kitchen and gets him off, even though not before almost getting caught through her sister. in the very last scene, the boyfriend is visible leaving the residence, but then he comes lower back to see Asahi as he can’t get sufficient of her. They pass into the bed room and start getting busy even as the girlfriend comes and starts offevolved cleansing in the hallway, the door wide open. Asahi receives a little too loud and her sister notices. They don’t appear to care, as she finishes the activity and gets him to creampie her in front of her sister.

Asahi does a really properly process of seducing the boyfriend and putting the mood. once they’re no longer having sex, her facial expressions are top. you can see how she needs it were her when she spies on him. She does a terrific job with the footjob underneath the desk or when she tugs him within the rest room behind the door no matter the lady friend being proper there. The scene wherein they’re consuming dinner is considered one of my preferred scenes, it’s simply so nicely achieved from Asahi’s acting to nearly getting stuck to having perspectives in which you can see the lady friend at the desk while she’s sucking him off.

As common, I do have a few complaints, the most important being that Asahi’s performing for the duration of intercourse isn’t up to par. specifically within the final scene, she doesn’t truely do plenty when they get caught or he creampies her. So whilst it virtually regarded like Asahi was playing herself and that she definitely did need to do it with him, she was just completely ignorant of her sister. I really wish she wasn’t, due to the fact the endings are my favorite component, and this became as a substitute weak among them.

Rating – 9.8/10

General, it’s just an awesome video. Asahi proved to me she’s an excellent actress, however that she additionally has room to enhance. She genuinely got here throughout as a take-charge girl who knew what she desired, and she or he did a outstanding task at some point of the movie. I’m sure that a variety of humans have end up lovers of Asahi during the last 12 months, and that is definitely one in every of hers to test out.

4 – [PPPD-393] Harura Mori 

Harura Mori become someone I wasn’t actually acquainted with before watching this video, however she grew to become me right into a fan throughout it. It’s a truly properly overall performance for someone I wasn’t waiting for something out of. It’s no longer just the overall performance but the directing become awesome, as the scenes are excellent and enjoyable. i am hoping absolutely everyone will consider me simply how precise it changed into.

The video capabilities 6 scenes, three of them ending in creampies. The lady friend is in the scene throughout 2 of them (plus the ending) and that they nearly get stuck in four scenes.  In the first scene, the boyfriend and sister come domestic and are greeted with the aid of Harura, who slips out her breasts in the back to expose the boyfriend, who takes be aware and is in reality excited. when they go away, she grabs the smartphone out of his bag and statistics a video of her touching herself. inside the 1/3 scene, Harura’s sister is getting ready a few food when the boyfriend notices the video on his telephone. Harura then comes over and receives him off. inside the fourth scene, Harura and the boyfriend have intercourse while the female friend is within the bathtub, and that they nearly get stuck when the female friend finishes her tub. inside the fifth scene, Harura joins the boyfriend at the same time as he’s taking a bath and starts offevolved to get him off. The door between the bathroom and washroom is open whilst the female friend comes to dry her hair. The boyfriend and Harura are fucking at this point, and you could see them fucking inside the bathtub at the back of the bathe curtain at the same time as the lady friend is drying her hair. After she leaves, he creampies Harura. in the final scene, Harura and the boyfriend are becoming busy at the couch even as the female friend is sitting at a nearby table. Harura’s sister can’t see the boyfriend mendacity down at the sofa, just Harura, and tries to name him when Harura factors out his telephone is right there. The female friend leaves the rental to look for him and Harura takes this possibility to guide him into the hallway to fuck. Harura puts a chain lock at the door, so while the female friend comes again, she can most effective see thru the small crack to see them having sex. They in the end allow her in and revel in having sex even as her sister is helpless until Harura gets creampied and the video ends.

I actually love the scenes in this video, the first-class of any video. What sticks out to me is just how often they have the girlfriend within the scene and how much they’re nearly getting caught. After the second one scene in which she touches herself, the female friend’s nearly catching them in every scene. Even in the final scene wherein they sooner or later get stuck, they nearly got stuck early on when the boyfriend was mendacity down on the sofa. It’s simply honestly, without a doubt good to see them take advantage of the character of the film and do a terrific task. they also discover unique methods to approach this too. within the third scene, you spot them scrambling to get modified whilst the girlfriend is setting her garments on inside the hallway (you may see all 3 people simultaneously). inside the bathroom scene, you get to look them having intercourse with the female friend inside arm’s reach. Even within the ultimate scene once they get caught, they discovered a completely unique way to do it where the female friend simply kind of had to stand and watch without being able to do something.

One disadvantage is that Harura looks a little bit lost at times. She’s no longer completely positive a way to be seductive at a few points, but it’s still pretty appropriate. the other is that in a variety of cases, I must form of query how they’re no longer getting stuck. The boyfriend’s phone turned into there, Harura became driving him, and someway the lady friend stood up and didn’t see anything, or note her riding him and query what changed into going on.

Rating – 9.9/10

I was nonetheless pleasantly amazed at this video. Very high quality and just an all-round true video. I suppose this video does the fine process at capturing the subject matter of the collection. They go the extra mile to locate ways for them to nearly get stuck, positioned the lady friend in the image, or simply find distinct approaches to technique things. I don’t understand approximately you, however this video opened me to Harura Mori, and maybe you’ll discover you experience her after seeing this as properly.

3 – [PPPD-506] Rena Fukiishi 

Rena Fukiishi performs the mother on this video, but boy does she do a terrific process. She comes off a determined housewife who’s intercourse wicked sufficient that she’s willing to fuck her daughter’s boyfriend. She pulls although in every manner and definitely drives home a extraordinary performance.

The video capabilities five scenes, 2 of them finishing in creampies. The female friend is within the scene throughout three of them (plus the finishing) and that they nearly get caught in 2 scenes. inside the first scene, Rena’s daughter and the boyfriend are having sex whilst Rena comes and spies on them. She appears intercourse depraved and starts touching herself. when the boyfriend notices, she motions for him to sign up for her, in which she finishes the activity. In the second one scene, Rena is occupying the boyfriend inside the kitchen whilst her daughter is doing her homework within the adjoining dwelling room, and Rena comes to a decision it’s a great opportunity for a fucking. She forces the boyfriend onto her till they almost get stuck. After that it’s intercourse till he creampies her. within the third scene Rena joins him within the tub for a few fun. inside the fourth scene, her daughter’s on the smartphone with her father at the same time as Rena is cooking, and the boyfriend comes to assist.  besides Rena doesn’t need help with cooking, she needs a few loving, and begins fooling around with him where she receives him off not even 10 feet faraway from her daughter on the phone. within the very last scene Rena joins them even as they’re drowsing and has intercourse at the mattress proper beside her drowsing daughter. She’s too loud and the daughter wakes as much as them fucking, in which Rena eventually gets creampied. The video ends with Rena and her new lover getting busy at the residing room couch.

What i love approximately this video is how properly they seize the essence of the video, which is the risky sex. They find a variety of methods to promote that, whether it’s Rena watching them have sex and touching herself, doing it inside the other room, or having Rena tug him actually at the back of the sister’s back. And of direction there’s the final scene wherein they have got sex proper beside her. I particularly just like the kitchen scene because you can see the daughter is actually proper there the whole time, and it seems simply so volatile. It’s one factor to have a buffer of the alternative room or being asleep, however all she has to do is flip around. I additionally enjoyed Rena’s acting, she truely looks like a determined housewife here. The story seemed to be that her husband was away which just makes it even better.

If there’s anything to complain approximately, it’s that Rena doesn’t fully draw close the situation at the give up. I genuinely assume them to nail the finishing, which she doesn’t. specially with Rena being the mother, I assume her to care more for her daughter and want to apologize or something. Sisters betraying one another, i'm able to get in the back of, however Rena looks like a worrying sufficient mother to warrant some thing. besides, this is truly the only awful aspect in the movie, and allow’s be sincere for a moment, a pair horrific mins in a  hour film isn’t a good deal, even though it’s at a vital second.

Score – 10.1/10

basic that is a truly true video. Coming third on this listing when the first and second location motion pictures are a number of the very quality two superb/popular actresses have ever executed is pretty a feat. if you’re no longer a Rena Fukiishi fan, I quite suggest this video as a place to begin. The familiarity of the plot hopefully makes it less complicated to experience. I realize she’s now not smooth to get into, she’s pretty vintage for a pornstar (36), has saggy breasts, tanned skin, and a few crazy tan strains. but accept as true with me when I say this, the video is really worth looking, and who knows, you might discover you like her.

2 – [PPPD-340] Julia

Julia’s someone who is marred via inconsistent performing, so it truly makes me happy while her acting on this video is excellent. She does a good task performing, knowing what to do at each step, maintaining her voice down, and now not letting the sex forestall her from acting. There are some very long, drawn-out scenes, however the intercourse seems notable.

The video features 4 scenes, 3 of them finishing in creampies. The lady friend is within the scene during 1 of them (plus the ending) and that they nearly get caught in 3 scenes. inside the first scene, Julia comes domestic and meets the boyfriend. earlier than her sister and her sister’s boyfriend leave, Julia’s sister is going to seize some thing she forgot. In that time, Julia seduces the boyfriend, and begins getting him off when it’s reduce short. in the 2nd scene, Julia’s cleaning inside the hallway when the boyfriend emerges from the bedroom; they emerge as having sex right there in the hallway, completing right earlier than the sister comes seeking out him. in the third scene, they’re all within the dwelling room while the sister is playing some video video games. Julia and the boyfriend take this possibility to screw round at the back of her. After almost getting caught, they take it out of doors to the balcony and then to every other room wherein he creampies her. inside the very last scene, Julia joins them at the same time as they’re snoozing and fucks the boyfriend proper beside her sister. Julia wakes her up to let her in on what’s going on, and then eventually receives creampied in front of her disillusioned sister.

Like I stated, Julia’s appearing may be very hit or pass over. every now and then it’s remarkable, but other times, she sort of forgets to do things. She regularly we could herself pass and prevents acting, however that is a rare exception in which she acts the complete time. She does a fantastic task and retaining it up the whole time. It’s now not simply her facial expressions or visual queues which might be brilliant, however the fact that she’s fully invested within the plot and performing as it should be. specifically in the final scene, Julia’s continuously searching at and speaking to her sister while having intercourse, and it’s extremely good to look she will be able to act and have intercourse at the identical time. The sex become additionally actually suitable, mainly once they had sex on the balcony.

There isn’t simply an awful lot that could had been completed higher. I bet perhaps it would have been higher if the female friend became inside the scene a bit extra, reason she was best in the historical past once, however it turned into a without a doubt lengthy scene and that they discovered extraordinary ways for her to be inside the historical past. For me, this is probably Julia’s fine performance. three right creampie scenes, extraordinary performing, what’s not to like? It handiest scored 2rd at the list, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for scoring it first, it’s sincerely accurate.

Rating – 10.3/10

typical I especially, especially suggest this one. I think a number of humans like Julia, and it’s hard now not to like this video. in case your everyday court cases are that she’s submissive or doesn’t act very well, she does exactly the opposite, appearing very well and being on top of things. I’m not certain we’ll ever see something higher from her, and if that’s the case, I’m k with that.

1 – [PPPD-402] Hitomi Tanaka

If you’ve made it this a long way, you shouldn’t be surprised that this turned into the first-rate entry in the collection. I realize, i really like Hitomi and of course this is the first-class, however this video is the pleasant primarily based on its advantage in place of a bias i've for Hitomi. Her appearing is fingers down the first-class of each person inside the series, and it sincerely helps the video.

The video features 5 (or 6 relying on the way you take a look at it) scenes, three of them finishing in creampies. The female friend is within the scene all through three of them (plus the ending) and that they almost get stuck in 2 scenes. in the first scene, Hitomi and the boyfriend are ingesting in the morning at the same time as the girlfriend had to go away, and she subsequently simply comes to a decision to fuck him within the living room. inside the 2nd scene, the boyfriend is making ready dinner while his girlfriend is on the table, and Hitomi comes and offers him some carrier, tugging, blowing, and a paizuri behind the counter. in the third scene, the sister and her boyfriend are sitting in her room whilst Hitomi is out on the balcony using a dildo to tempt the guy. He comes and joins her inside the hallway wherein they have got a few fun earlier than the female friend comes looking and that they cut it quick. inside the fourth scene, Hitomi sneaks out of the apartment to catch the boyfriend getting back from the store and fuck him simply outdoor. This in the end transitions into them going inside, wherein they have intercourse in a hallway together with her sister seen inside the other room. In the very last scene, Hitomi and the boyfriend are having sex just round a corner while the sister is seeking out her boyfriend. She leaves and they continue into the dwelling room to have sex. component manner through, Hitomi calls her sister to permit her in on it, and the sister comes again to find them having intercourse. It ends with Hitomi taking a creampie and letting her sister understand what’s what.

My absolute favorite part of this entry is Hitomi’s appearing. It’s, arms down, the excellent within the whole collection. Hitomi presentations a extensive range of emotions and her facial expressions are always on point. There’s no way to position it apart from Hitomi actually is aware of what to do at every step of the way. Whether she’s out on the balcony telling the fellow he’s coming to join her, enjoying getting him off from behind the counter, or letting her sister recognize he just creampied her, it’s all ideal. outdoor of that, the video does a solid activity of placing the sister in the scene and having the unstable sex aspect. I specifically favored the closing scene wherein they almost got caught proper away, as lots of them choose to best have the component at the cease in which they get stuck.

When it comes to locating methods to be better, there without a doubt aren’t. perhaps they could have had a stronger introduction, but it’s more often than not nitpicking at that point. this is one of these uncommon films wherein you simply should take delivery of how extremely good it absolutely is. exceptional intercourse scenes that result in creampie, out of the ordinary appearing, what’s more to want?

Score – 10.4/10

I recognize Hitomi is someone humans either love or hate, and i apprehend why and appreciate their choice. If there’s ever a Hitomi video you’re going to watch that isn’t MIRD-150, this needs to be it. It’s as proper of a video as she’ll ever produce, and there are masses of reasons to revel in it outside of it being Hitomi, like her notable appearing and all the volatile sex they've. There’s a reason why PanKing rated it a 10/10 and why it’s number one in this list.

The series is still going sturdy, the modern being launched simplest a month ago and every other upcoming release. I definitely wish they keep it up, because that is honestly the exceptional collection in JAV. No different collection is so smooth to observe together with, has such a lot of outstanding performers in it, and has as top appearing. I sincerely desire they get some of my favourites within the collection along with Kaho Shibuya and Chitose Saegusa, who I think ought to without problems make the pinnacle 10 list.



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