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Top 25 Best Selling Japanese AV Idol Movies

Top 25 Best Selling Japanese AV Idol Movies

These are the first-class-promoting jap AV movies on the earth

Japan has its personal fashion of porn.  jap pornstars are known as “AV Idols” or “adult Video Idols”.  And while Asian Porn in fashionable is hugely popular in the united states, no longer too many people go out of their way to find true jap porn movies that characteristic real eastern AV Idols.  probable due to the fact it'd require too much work.

That is why I desired to place this list collectively.  After a piece of studies, i was capable of become aware of the twenty-five exceptional selling jap AV movies, primarily based on international-huge income.  So whether or not you do not forget your self a long-time japanese AV Idol gourmet or are simply looking to find out more approximately a truely unique taste of porn, this list have to serve as a useful manual.  maybe.

The top 25 quality-selling japanese AV films

  • Japan Teen Creampies (Maiko Pictures)
  • Super Model 92: Reiko Kobayakawa (Amorz)
  • Japanese Cougar Club Vol. 1 -3 (Maiko Pictures)
  • Kirari 59: Big Tits Beautiful Women (Amorz)
  • Kirari 67: Breast Goddesses (Amroz)
  • School Day (Amroz)
  • Perky Japanese Teens 3 (Maiko Pictures)
  • Hairy Pussy Tokyo Cougars (Maiko Pictures)
  • Merci Beaucoup 18: Miho Ichiki (Amorz)
  • Catwalk Poison 91 (Amorz)
  • Hairy Japanese Pussies 2 (Maiko Pictures)
  • La Foret Girl  Vol. 8 (Amorz)
  • Catwalk Poison 92: Reiko Kobayakawa (Amorz)
  • Japanese Grannies 7 (Maiko Pictures)
  • Japanese Shemales (Maiko Pictures)
  • Japanese Grannies Vol. 1 – 3 (Maiko Pictures)
  • Japanese Shemales 2 (Maiko Pictures)
  • Teens of Japan Vol. 13: Chisa Hirahara & Kasumi Ayano (Maiko Pictures)
  • Encore Vol. 7 (Pulse Pictures)
  • Tokyo Cougar Creampies (Maiko Pictures)
  • Teens of Japan Vol. 9: Ran Takeda & Sakura Fukui (Maiko Pictures)
  • Juicy Japanese Titties (Maiko Pictures)
  • Samurai Porn: Marica In Europe (Amorz)
  • Kirari 74: Reiko Kobayakawa (Amorz)
  • Teens Of Japan Vol. 6: Maho Shibata & Momo Akiyama (Maiko Pictures)

About this List

The statistics used to collect this chart of great-promoting eastern porn films turned into accrued from AdultDVDEmpire, due to the fact there without a doubt isn’t another source available (that I’ve discovered) that tracks international-wide historic sales of japanese AV Idol films.  whilst using AdultDVDEmpire’s facts, I filtered out movies that have been produced by using major US studios (0.33 international Media, depraved photographs, Oriental Dream snap shots, and so forth.) due to the fact I don’t assume those movies ought to be included in a listing like this.

Additionally, understand that Adult DVD Empire is a US based totally enterprise and that its income records is based on world-wide income.  which means that if you had been capable of find a chart that captured sales facts taken best from the japanese market, the results would probably appearance exclusive from the listing above.  for example, movies produced via smaller japanese studios that don’t distribute outdoor of Japan wouldn’t seem right here, even though they could sell very well within the nearby marketplace.

In the end, as I referred to up pinnacle, I wanted to gather this chart for use a reference for lovers of jap AV Idol porn and for those trying to get commenced in learn extra approximately the genre.  With that in mind, it’s essential to remember that you shouldn’t always view this as any type of “best of” listing, as it’s now not.  It simplest ranks films primarily based on how nicely they sell.



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