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Top 20 Most Hot Sexy JAV Actress In Japan

Top 20 Most Hot Sexy JAV Actress In Japan

Top 20 Most Anticipated JAVA WORLDS IN THE WORLD:

  • 1. Super HOT girls in the world Megu Fujiura
  • 2. "Adult Angel" Rola Takizawa
  • 3. St. Mary of Ozawa
  • 4. Ria Sakurai - star with angel face
  • 5. Shion Utsunomiya - Super female round 1
  • 6. Emiri Suzuhara
  • 7. She is sexy Saori Hara
  • 8. Ameri Ichinose - baby face, parent body
  • 9. Akiho Yoshizawa - JAV actor has a naive face
  • 10. Tsubasa Amami - Actress jav angel face

1. Super HOT girls in the world Megu Fujiura

With young looks fresh with three rounds, Megu Fujiura is gradually overwhelming all the other girls! With many ways to bring men to the region of ecstasy!

At this point, she is expected to promote her development with a series of new projects S.E.X super. Many viewers in the country of Cherry Blossom waiting for her superhero like waiting for the blockbuster.

Megu Fujiura does not hesitate to invite any Vietnamese man to meet her needs to rock the exchange. It is a very attractive proposition for young people who are F.A.

2. "Adult Angel" Rola Takizawa

Rola Takizawa (or Rola Misaki) is a famous adult film actress in the country of cherry blossoms, she is also called "National Guard Japan". American human in 1992 possesses fiery body and beautiful angelic face thanks to bringing in three Russian-Japanese-Arabian bloodlines.

With a beautiful body, height of 1m72, cute face like angel Rola Takizawa has caused many boys in the world to sob.

In 2015, she was hugely disgruntled with the money she made when she decided to spend 50 million yuan (200 billion) to buy the "porn angel" as her assistant and become face representative of his company within 15 years.

3. St. Mary of Ozawa

Topping the list of the most beautiful and technically talented JAV actors ever to date is Maria Ozawa. This is also the symbol of the Japanese adult film and is networked under the title of "holy girls".

Wearing Japanese and French-Canadian blood, Maria inherits a perfect blend of Japanese woman's beauty with clear Western features.

She studied in the international school from a young age, so her English literacy is better than Japanese. Although international, but Maria emphasized that she likes sex with pure Japanese and likes to follow the gentle, romantic style of East Asia.

So far, she has become one of the most successful female sex actresses in Japan, her videos are expected and released online as soon as she was born, she is known and has millions of fans in her. everywhere in the world. From 2015, Maria Ozawa settled in the Philippines. Here, she participated in many entertainment activities such as acting, modeling and bar business.

About JAV Actor - Maria Ozawa

  • Other Performers: Miyabi
  • Date of birth: January 8, 1986
  • Birthplace: Hokkaido Province, Japan
  • Measurement: Round 1: 88; Round 2: 58; Round 3: 86 (cm)
  • Height: 1m62; Weight: 48 (kg)

4. Ria Sakurai - star with angel face

Since joining Prestige Entertainment, Sakurai Ria has become the number one hot Japanese actress. From the beginning, Ria has been discovered by the men of the hidden beauty of a star is about to shine.

Ria Sakurai is named after the beautiful sun goddess, beautiful face, white skin like chicken peel and is one of the youngest actor in the Japanese hot movie.

While not having a fiery body like Maria Ozawa or Reon Kadena, Ria Sakurai is quite capable of defeating them by her feminine appearance, her innocent face and skin. The adolescents have to admire admiration.

Since joining Prestige Entertainment, Sakurai Ria has become the number one hot Japanese actress. From the beginning, Ria has been discovered by the men of the hidden beauty of a star is about to shine. Ria is also a heavyweight opponent for the "Holy Women" title in the village of JAV.

5. Shion Utsunomiya - Super Sexy Big Boobs

Born in 1994, the name of Shion Utsunomiya is also famous throughout Asia thanks to a tremendous round. In addition, Shion Utsunomiya also owns a face that contrasts perfectly with the body, causing the male to fall in love.

Utsunomiya Shion started filming in 2014, but now the name of the beautiful people really resonate in Japan.

The opposite sex has admitted that they have been attracted by both innocent, sexy and feminine face with Utsunomiya's super sexy breasts.

6. Emiri Suzuhara

  • Full name: Emiri Suzuhara
  • Date of birth: 20-04-1994
  • Place of birth: Japan
  • Blood type: B
  • Height: 160 (cm)
  • Measures 3 rounds: 85-60-88 (cm)

Admittedly, with his innocent and beautiful face, Emiri Suzuhara deserves the title of "best actress" in the top 10 most beautiful JAV actresses in Japan. She has starred in many adult films and is loved by many male fans for her beauty.

7. She is sexy Saori Hara

Saori Hara was born on January 1, 1988, is one of the most popular 18+ movie stars in Japan. She possesses a sharp, attractive and charming charm thanks to her German-Japanese blood flow. She is 165cm tall with a pushy body but extremely charming has become a "phenomenon" of adult movies in Japan.

Saori Hara is well known in the country for her love of adult films such as Clear Water, Lala Pipo, Awakening ... especially after her involvement in the controversial Sex and Zen film - Rising star and spread throughout Asia. According to Wikipedia, Saori Hara is also one of Asia's 50 hottest adult movie stars of all time.

In 2010, Saori Hara suddenly announced his retirement to surprise many fans. At present, she is focusing on her acting career and has built a healthy, clear image. Besides, Saori Hara also participated in many promotional activities in the entertainment industry.

8. Ameri Ichinose - baby face, parent body

Ameri Ichinose is one of the most popular Japanese movie stars. Ichinose is a "rain, wind" on the adult film market of cherry blossoms.

Ameri Ichinose was born in 1987 and started acting in high school in 2006. In her innocent face, Ameri Ichinose quickly became the "AV Idol" as well as Maria Ozawa.

Ameri Ichinose possesses a pretty face, a height of 1m 67 and a pretty lumpy 85-51-85 gauge. Ameri Ichinose won the award in the field of pornography in the country of Cherry Blossom.

Ameri Ichinose has caused the fan community to flutter when suddenly suddenly mistakenly identified as the girlfriend of Shinji Kagawa. Even after that incident was corrected but the name of the hot Japanese movie queen ever hotter than ever.

9. Akiho Yoshizawa - JAV actor has a naive face

Yoshizawa Akiho, also known as Acky, was born in Tokyo on March 3, 1984. After making a gravure idol, Yoshizawa first appeared in 2003 as an AV actress when signed to Alice Japan and Max-A.

Her childhood face has been "heart broken" how many boys, even the tough gamers as an ambassador for Cau Quyen, alongside other AV stars such as An Nanba and Kaede Matsushima.

10. Tsubasa Amami - Actress jav angel face

Tsubasa Amami was born in 1988. Although Tsubasa Amami has been in the entertainment business since 2009, Tsubasa Amami has made a solid presence in the movie and fashion industry. Tsubasa Amami is 43cm tall and she was born in Tokyo, and she is also a 3-rounder with a standard 90/60/89.

Tsubasa Amami said that since childhood she has liked to act as an actress, so she always strives to achieve her goal. In addition, with a measure of 3 standard rounds with pretty face, she is also a model expensive underwear showTsubasa Amami nhí in colorful sets.



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