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New To Me Week 2018 Debut Version

New To Me Week 2018 Debut Version

3 months in the past I decided to do a week occasion where I published videos from actresses I had by no means seen before. on the end of the week, there was a post like this in which people were given to look what I notion of everybody. I’ve determined to do it again, besides this time with actresses that debuted in 2018. I try to watch a few quantity of beginners every 12 months because with actresses retiring, you want to locate new actresses to replace antique favourites. closing yr, Marina Yuzuki changed into the standout newcomer, and he or she is in reality a favourite of mine now.

due to release timings, there’s some actresses who unluckily get ignored. a few actresses debut absolutely overdue into the 12 months, meaning they get skipped on first-rate newcomer of the yr, however also don’t get to be a part of subsequent yr’s novices. I notion I’d mention them, and they're Nanami Matsumoto and Iori Yuki. I’ve been taking part in the pair and that they’d sincerely be on here if they had debuted this year. at the same time as I don’t experience both of them as a lot as my 2018 newcomer preference (Marina Yuzuki), nevertheless really worth shouting them out here. Now let’s get into the actresses from this week.

1. Monami Takarada It’s almost Torture … I ought to Sleep among Busty Defenseless Sisters That I really can't touch

Monami is someone people have been recommending to me, and it’s no surprise why they had been. She’s honestly busty and appealing, however additionally she has a shocking quantity of precise content material. I had masses of alternatives to pick from along with her, that is usually something you don’t get. It turned into clearly to look at her whilst it came time to choose actresses. I decided to pick out her duo video with Mio Kimijima due to the fact I’ve been playing Mio these days and it just appeared so properly.

Monami didn’t pretty live up to my hopes alas. I had simply excessive expectancies from her understanding that there were all these wonderful videos. sure, she became plenty attractive, that is constantly a good thing, however that best is going thus far. Her appearing simply paled in evaluation to Mio’s, which I guess I type of predicted. I had hoped Mio would make her perform a chunk better, but I wouldn’t absolutely say that took place. despite the fact that she didn’t live up to expectancies, they have been so excessive that it become essentially never going to occur.

The video itself turned into first rate. I think in large part the theme was quite good and came across well. The idea of sound asleep beside women you could’t fuck, even if they’re nude, is all sorts of hot. and then looking him fuck one in all his sisters whilst the other is dozing proper beside them is even hotter. in particular having Monami recognize and masturbating become the icing at the cake. by the point the two of them fucked him collectively (which become quite glaringly arising), the video had already won me over.

Monami is effortlessly a person I’ll be looking again. She has a handful of films out that I’m interested in seeing, that's a simply exact signal this early on. a lot of freshmen ease themselves into the scene, however Monami jumped proper off the deep quit and i’m notable excited about it.

2. Yua Housaki (Yua Aisaki) This J-Cup extremely massive knockers Hostess Bar lady were given Seduced And Quietly Fucked With slow Piston Pumping motion in order that no one inside the club might understand As We Filmed Her enjoying those uncooked Fucking Creampies!

Yua’s a person I watched pretty a good deal completely because of that cowl. quite with massive titties, how should I say no? as it seems, she’s a touch less appealing in different covers, but by using then I had already seen this video. She additionally is going by Yua Aisaki, which I assume they used Housaki simply to try and create an novice subject right here.

Yua genuinely didn’t live as much as my hype from the duvet. She wasn’t as attractive in essentially each way. That’s now not to say she isn’t appealing, however that I had better expectancies. Her acting became quite terrible as nicely, and she got by means of in large part on her elegance than anything. She appears exactly like the normal E-frame scouted woman, in which they simply discover someone attractive who has no coronary heart to do porn, notwithstanding her debuting at Fitch. I don’t see her simply truly fizzling out, but she honestly doesn’t strike me as anything unique.

The video itself turned into also not superb. It had a big recognition on this beginner factor that I don’t think labored out very well. a whole lot of the scenes have been mediocre, mainly due to digicam angles and her overall performance falling flat. I surely actually didn’t have expectations of anything, and her being attractive on the quilt was the promoting factor.

I probably received’t watch Yua again unless something absolutely top comes round. There’s sincerely things she’s released that look ok, however thinking about the mediocrity of this video, I’d need to discover some thing that looks extraordinary earlier than I watch her again.

3. Mikuru is the actress on this list I had been that means to look at for the longest time. Mikuru debuted way again in February and i had just been preoccupied and in no way were given around to watching her.

Mikuru is pretty near what I predicted from her – busty, thicc, appealing. I’d say she jogs my memory plenty of Mion Hazuki, particularly from that cover. I quite enjoyed her in the red lingerie she had on. I had was hoping she’d be a higher performer than she grew to become out to be, even though I’m no longer convinced it was her acting capacity a lot as the video just wasn’t nicely-acceptable for her to carry out.
The video itself changed into instead mediocre. the cover made it appear like she’d take a more proactive function, which she didn’t. She sincerely did take a again seat and permit the guys do all of the paintings. She had one institution scene which her performance didn’t count number a good deal in, however unluckily it did drag down the rest of the video. I think that one institution scene changed into the saving grace, because the range in content coupled with a scene in which her performance changed into irrelevant made a respectable chunk fun.
ultimately Mikuru turned into a let down for me. I got here in with manner higher expectancies, and that i assume I over-hyped her in my head. I’m certain I’ll watch any other video because I’m now not satisfied that is consultant of her. That being said, I think I’ll be a piece choosy with the one I do watch, and i’m totally willing to watch for a great video to come round.

4. Mia Masuzaka follow-Up Piston Pounding Fucking After A Spasmic Orgasm Watch Her J-Cup 100cm knockers Wiggle And Jiggle, Up And Down And facet To aspect In livid Earth-Shaking Ecstasy!!

Mia Masuzaka got strongly advocated to me, and it’s no wonder why. pretty face, massive breasts – I’m in!

Mia became largely what I anticipated – cute and busty. She’s got a quite face, even though that cowl is shopped a little bit. but honestly she’s were given it occurring bodily sufficient to make me revel in her. The performance wasn’t specifically something, which I’m not amazed with. I suppose in large part the video itself is in charge because it doesn’t present her with appearing opportunities.

The video itself turned into pretty exciting, I suppose in the main because it had a lot of sex. With the theme definitely being “fuck her, make her orgasm, then maintain fucking her”, they controlled lots of solid content material. Yeah, her performance didn’t offer up tons, however whilst you’re attractive and new, you get a piece of a skip.

I think i am interested in looking more, however I wouldn’t watch greater till there was some thing that stood out. Her releases proper now all appear quite mediocre, so I’ll be ready till something intriguing comes out.

5. Kaho Aizawa (Mirei Morishita) My girlfriend’s Little Sister Tempts Me with no Bra tits define. And Her knockers Are massive.

Kaho Aizawa is the actress i used to be least enthusiastic about on the list. I think I don’t discover her as attractive as others, however she was a recommendation, in part due to the video’s subject matter. Asking others for hints additionally helped make certain I didn’t pass all and sundry I ought to have watched. She actually also lately changed her call to Mirei Morishita.

Kaho become my least preferred physically, however her appearing became rather excellent. She’s virtually were given a respectable quantity of videos under her belt, and he or she become in like a couple dozen earlier than this one. I idea her appearing wasn’t quite all the way there, however it confirmed a lot of promise. I suppose at some point she would possibly actually turn out to be a very good performer. She definitely has a more more youthful/lovable attraction to her, however that’s for my part a touch much less what I revel in (as you’ll see similarly down) so I simply wasn’t absolutely into her bodily. I assume her breasts being my least preferred is likewise a factor.

The video itself turned into strong. It changed into very just like GES, which is also likely why I so easily agreed to look at it. It’s now not quite the identical, and misses out in some key ways (specifically that they don’t do some thing special for the finishing). The delivered clothed aspect become proper, although i will’t help however sense that it’d be extra fun if she became a bit bustier/thiccer. still, the video become exciting.

Kaho’s a definitely thrilling actress to speak approximately whether I’d watch her once more. I assume she has numerous ability and upside to her that makes me assume i can watch her. I feel like except she’s doing GES, I’m likely skipping out on her until I assume she’s had time to blossom into a great performer. at the price she’s going although, that is probably next year.

6. Touka Rinne The Married girl Who Lives across From Me


Touka is a person a friend of mine shilled a long time ago, and i assume a number of people have been hyped on her. I imply, simply examine her. It turned into surely best a count of time, and after I realized she debuted this year, she simply had to be in this list.

My word, Touka became the entirety I hoped for physically. She’s virtually, virtually attractive. I without a doubt can’t overstate how appealing she is. pleasant frame, terrific breasts, smoking hot face. I generally tend to select actresses who're a chunk older than more youthful (ie overdue 20s to early 30s), and she just perfectly hits the mark i like. performance-wise I wasn’t impressed, but she’s new and i'm able to deliver her a pass. She debuted for S1 so I absolutely had no expectancies at the overall performance, however I’m absolutely happy she left due to the fact she appears way better at a studio like Madonna that’s designed for MILFs.

The video itself become desirable however not anything special. I assume more so than anything, I just preferred her physically. The performance didn’t provoke me, but it wasn’t horrible. I appreciated her getting best and sweaty in the final scene even though, that became very exciting to look at.

You better believe I’m watching more of her. There’s no manner that you could be that appealing without me trying to watch greater. Her modern-day releases don’t appearance particularly dazzling, even though I’m certain something desirable will come alongside quickly.

7. Hotaru Mori My lady friend’s mother Who Has huge knockers And Loves Creampies is making an attempt To Seduce Me

Hotaru got on the list by means of freeing a video in my favourite collection, GES. If she hadn’t had a GES, I’m not satisfied i might have watched her, though that isn’t to mention she’s now not any correct or unattractive. I’m absolutely absolutely glad she had a GES because she’s got a few accurate factors to her.

I in reality have blended reviews on how attractive she is. on occasion I’ll be tremendous interested, other times I just gained’t care that much. I’ve skimmed a few other things from her as a result, so she’s simply a person i can form of say I’ve seen other matters from. The performance pleasantly amazed me. She sincerely executed higher than my expectancies, frequently being the only enticing the fellow and being proactive.

The video itself turned into pretty good. stable directing, as they supplied a very good amount of risky content material. with her solid appearing as well, she ended up doing a splendid process. For GES requirements, it ended up putting in my pinnacle 10, that's a hard challenge to do. i might really endorse this one if she appears appealing to you or you want this series.

For the destiny, nicely, I’ve already skimmed stuff so I’ll be checking her out. seeing that she’s been freelancing, I’m hoping some thing really wonderful will pop up. For now, maximum of her stuff doesn’t appear that notable – maybe it’s simply paling in contrast to my favored series. either manner, matter me in for some other Hotaru video sometime.

Touka Rinne become the most attractive no doubt about it. She’s were given such an brilliant frame, however her face, damn is she pretty. She strikes a chord in my memory of an older Meguri, having a bit of a milf appearance occurring but not searching too vintage, in addition to great company breasts. speaking of which, I favored her breasts the maximum as well. at the same time as they weren’t the most important, size isn’t all that matters. Hers had a completely quality shape and very quality motion to them. She additionally had the satisfactory body of all and sundry. allow’s simply say that physically speakme, she blew the competition out of the water. sure, some others have been attractive, had fantastic brests, and so on., however Touka stole the show for sure.

I suppose Mia Masuzaka had the excellent ass, however it wasn’t clean to select. no person from this week had an ass that actually caught me as being tremendous. compared to closing time after I watched each Nami Hoshino and Haruki Sato, this week paled in assessment. I bet it’s an awesome thing I prefer tits to ass.

The satisfactory video changed into PPPD-697, Hotaru Mori’s GES. GES is by a long way my preferred collection, and that i’ve visible all the entries. Hotaru’s is sincerely in my pinnacle 10, that's a crazy feat thinking about all the actresses which might be in that collection and the way true some of those videos are (three of them are in my pinnacle 10 all-time videos). The video turned into simply nicely accomplished and with a pretty suitable performance besides. It’s almost not fair to others she had a GES, and Monami’s video was a completely close 2d.

Hotaru Mori narrowly beat out Kaho Aizawa as my favored performer. I’d say it’s probable because of GES giving her slightly higher opportunities to show off her talents. I wouldn’t say everyone stood out as a notable performer, but they’re all new to the scene and it’s difficult to start out sincerely appropriate. Hotaru and Kaho definitely felt like they'd room to grow into suitable performers, which is a good signal.

Yua Housaki is the actress I’m least probably to look at once more. i discovered she simply wasn’t as appealing as the duvet indicated (probable make-up and Photoshop did loads). She didn’t really stand out to me as a whole lot as I had was hoping for. I think also her breasts seemed a lot nicer on the duvet than they turned out to be (no longer that I disliked them, however extra to the quilt % searching certainly good). I wouldn’t say I’ll never watch something, however until some thing definitely top comes around, I’ll probably pass.

Monami Takarada is virtually my choose for most in all likelihood to make it large. searching through her content, she has a number of content that looks correct. She’s got lesbian co-starring Asahi Mizuno (certainly one of my favourites), BBC, a set trainer one which also stars Yui Hatano, in addition to a set video co-starring two other actresses I observe (Honoka Mihara and Mio Kimijima) plus the fourth is Mikuru Shiiba, any other I watched. She’s going the manner of Marina Yuzuki for certain, and that i’m excited to peer in which she goes.

I in reality couldn’t decide between Monami Takarada and Touka Rinne for who i would most probable watch again, the cause being that I’m honestly watching each of them once more. Monami and Touka curiously had very distinct features that make me interested in them. Monami has lots of movies that look accurate and make me involved on a spread component. while actresses, in particular new actresses, release a variety of content material that hits a variety of topics, they have a tendency to pan out very well. a few recent examples that come to mind are Marina Yuzuki, Rena Fukiishi, and Mio Kimijima, all of whom i ended up enjoying. Touka, however, is fucking hot. at the same time as she didn’t stand out to me as a performer, she’s so pretty attractive that I recognize I’ll watch more motion pictures. She’s clearly got a few stuff out now that, while coupled together with her attractiveness, makes me interested, and that i’m certain the content material will most effective get higher.

There you have got my 2018 Debut version of recent To Me Week. i'm hoping every body loved discovering some new actresses with me! I’d like to hear who all people’s favourites from the 12 months.


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Top Japanese JAV Actresses Are The Most Popular 'Google' In 2018 - Part 1

Top Japanese JAV Actresses Are The Most Popular 'Google' In 2018 - Part 1

JAV actor is one of the licensed occupations in Japan, now there are nearly 8,000 women in Japan, but not all of them remember their names. Here are the Top 17 Japanese JAV actresses to be the most popular 'Google' in 2018. You see it!

1. Maria Ozawa.

Maria Ozawa, one of the most popular actors in the sex industry of Japan. "The Hot Queen" has been in the business for more than 10 years, she has starred in the film since she was 18, and has just left it short.
Maria Ozawa was born on January 8, 1986 in Hokkaido, Japan. Her mother is Japanese, her father is Canadian. Maria went to international school in Hokkaido, so she spoke good English and Japanese.

As a hot movie actress, Maria does not shy away from talking about herself. On her personal web page, Maria Ozawa regularly talks about her daily life, posting photos of her going out with friends, chattering, fun, not "breeze" and many posts. Photos of the food that she made.

In the 2007 interviews, Ozawa responded that she always loved the work that AV brought with her very high income, and the movies she participated in with nothing but 'sex appeal'. 'human instinct desire.

The porn industry has made her life more beautiful, she lives in luxury villas (where only for high income earners) with a rent of $ 1,682 per month, and a minimum monthly income of $ 8,000. Ozawa insists she will stop this work only when "forced" to find something else to do.

In 2014, Ozawa retired and went to the Phillipnes. But her current income level is still the sixth boss on the AV Idol ranking the earliest income.

List of some popular Ozawa movies:
  • Sex on the Beach - Southern Island Pako Pako!
  • Beautiful Sex - Maria Ozawa
  • Hyper X - Barely There Mosaic
  • American School Girl - AMSC 11 Maria Ozawa
  • Anal Sex Real Nakadashi

2. Takizawa Laura - "National Insurance Japan"

Misola (also known as Laura Takizawa) is a Japanese actress famous for her angelic face and hot body. Born in Tokyo in 1992, Japan is a very popular teen model in cherry blossom country.

With beautiful body, height of 1 m 72, cute face like angel mixed beautiful beauty between three Asian, Arab and European blood, Takizawa Laura is the network community no pity praise.

Since childhood, she has been a popular name in the entertainment industry in Japan when participating in a lot of music clips as well as some supporting roles in the drama J-Dramas (Japanese drama) . In addition, she is also a teen model is "expensive" with pure beauty.

However, the Japanese public was shocked when Rola Takizawa officially abandoned the angelic image that he built to participate in the Japanese Adult Entertainment (JAVA) .

Since joining JAV, the name Rola Takizawa has become more popular when she signed a series of advertising in Japan and most recently the blockbuster deal 50. million yuan (equivalent to 200 billion VND) to become the exclusive image representative of the giant conglomerate China over 15 years

3. Ameri Ichinose

Ameri Ichinose is one of the most popular Japanese movie stars. Ichinose is a "rain, wind" on the adult film market of cherry blossoms.

Ameri Ichinose was born in 1987 and started acting in high school in 2006. In her innocent face, Ameri Ichinose quickly became the "AV Idol" as well as Maria Ozawa.

Ameri Ichinose possesses a pretty face, a height of 1m 67 and a pretty lumpy 85-51-85 gauge. Ameri Ichinose won the award in the field of pornography in the country of Cherry Blossom.

Currently, Ameri Ichinose ranks 4th in the list of the top 10 highest paid 18+ movie stars in Japan.

4. Risa Tachibana

Risa Tachibana's real name is Takamatsu Eri. She possessed beautiful face, shy smile and white skin that many men are passionate. Risa Tachibana has been training to become a member of the popular group AKB48.

However, the girl born in 1992 decided to go to breast augmentation surgery to engage in acting "adult film". Risa Tachibana's first role was a 30-second hot scene.

Possessing skin like white ceramics, beautiful shape and natural round 1, Risa Tachibana has proved its irresistible charm when deciding to embark on this special entertainment.

5. Saori Hara

Saori Hara is one of the familiar faces of the JAV village, possessing the hot body and beauty of the East and West as Maria Ozawa.

Saori Hara is well known in the country for her love of adult films such as Clear Water, Lala Pipo, Awakening ... especially after her involvement in the controversial Sex and Zen film - Rising star and spread throughout Asia. According to Wikipedia, Saori Hara is also one of Asia's 50 hottest adult movie stars of all time.

In 2010, Saori Hara suddenly announced his retirement to surprise many fans. At present, she is focusing on her acting career and has built a healthy, clear image. Besides, Saori Hara also participated in many promotional activities in the entertainment industry.

6. Leah Dizon

When it comes to the most beautiful "adult film" actresses of all time, Leah Dizon can not be ignored. She is not only beautiful but also multi-talented as a model, singer, actress and a Japanese TV star.

Leah Dizon, whose Japanese name is Ria Dizon, was born on September 24, 1986. She is attracted to the charm of Western charm. If Maria Ozawa hybrid 2 blood, Leah Dizonmang in his four bloodlines France, America, China, Philippines.

7. Sakurai Ria

Ria Sakurai (born July 19, 1989 in Akita, Japan) is a nude model, pornographic actress, Japanese idol JAV (AV idol).

Ria Sakurai is known for her beautiful eyes, beautiful face, white skin like chicken eggs and is one of the youngest actor in JAV Japan.

Not with a fiery body like Maria Ozawa or Reon Kadena sisters but Ria Sakurai completely possessed the ability to beat them by the feminine look, innocent face and make the perfect skin of She made the sisters to admire.

Ria Sakurai has emerged as a phenomenon, a real bomb in the adult film industry, many contracted, many want to make her own Ria Sakurai but so far she has only 4 movie plays. So far, Sakurai Ria has become Japan's number one hot movie

This is the top JAV Japan actor most loved by the 'Google' of the year part 1 we aggregated. If you feel that any actor who top TOP can comment on the comments at the end of the article, we will update as soon as possible for you.

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Top Chaturbate Asian Cam Girls

Top Chaturbate Asian Cam Girls

In case you’re into hot Asian women and need something a whole lot higher than your ordinary porn video, the simplest way to head is a live cam show. The problem is that there are dozens of various sites and loads of Asian cam models out there to pick out from. luckily, you don’t need to rummage via the internet. instead, check out our list with some of the first-rate Chaturbate Asian cams and vote for your preferred one, however don’t forestall there. if you experience there’s a webcam girl we’ve failed to mention, help us increase this list along with your suggestions.

1. Lilanuah

It's as although is studying our minds with that schoolgirl outfit and brief skirt. In her very own phrases, this 22-year-old Chaturbate Asian model has a tight butt and lil cute knockers. We ought to agree. furthermore, even though she's a skilled tease, she additionally shall we free in unfastened nude suggests and gives her viewers plenty to look.

2. MikaSyn

Born in 1998, is a beautiful Asian webcam girl of twenty-two. This petite hottie has a small ass begging to be eaten out and a pair of tiny tits that any actual man would want to suck like a lollipop. you can seize this beauty wearing all sorts of warm clothes on stay cam indicates, however more importantly, taking them off, and fooling around.

3. Aishasei

Now is not that a face you may fall in love with? that is , a 19-year-antique Asian hottie that maintains it commonly smooth and stylish in public but gets down and dirty in private suggests. We recognise she has a killer body underneath her garments and a kinky imagination, so she's worth every penny. but, by way of all manner, take a look at her out and determined for yourself.

4. Erotic_Emma1

In case you need a Chaturbate Asian babe it truly is barely prison, you should appearance no further than . along side her soft age, you can revel in a sensitive body and small, perky titties. She continues her seize shaved, clothes strewn around the room and sex toys inside arm's reach. This little beauty will clean out your cock along with her public cam indicates. We would not miss her for the arena, and neither must you.

5. SoniaTan

She might appear a chunk shy and reluctant, however accept as true with us, will love you long time if you tip her or begin a private cam show with her. At 22, she has a really perfect little frame and will gladly strip and play with herself for you. apart from that, you can manipulate her vibrator, get her to flash her pussy and ass.

6. Leila_Asian

Some other 18-yr-antique Asian Chaturbate lady, and she or he cams from the United Kingdom. As anticipated, Leila is cute and tiny with little boobs and a pussy that appears enormously tight and juicy. For a tip, this nymphette will flash and finger her ass,

7. Masquerouge

AKA Roxanne or Ms. Rouge, has been across the block a few instances and pulls out all of the stops in her cam indicates. if you're looking for a warm Chaturbate Asian webcam lady to rock your international, this babe will take your breath away. most of the time, Ms. Rouge is teasing in slutty lingerie and horny costumes, but also fooling around with palms and toys. however, on special occasions, she takes her boyfriend along for the ride and fucks on

8. Kelihart

Without a doubt, one of the cutest Asian teenager webcam fashions is little . This lovable 19-12 months-vintage has sweet lips, thick eyebrows, and a body that merits a rock difficult dick. Be careful even though due to the fact she's a merciless tease even though she'll do something for a tip.

9. Sarah_Marloww

Maximum of the girls on our listing can be described as lovable and younger. In assessment to that, has that trailer trash vibe and appears a touch bit worse for wear despite being best 25. nonetheless, her tattoos trace at her kinky nature, so if you wanna go crazy with an Asian webcam model, she's the woman to strive out.

10. Wild_Hong

We do not know how a young Korean woman like ended up in St. Petersburg Russia, however we adore watching her cam shows. As you could see, this 20-year-antique honey has a attractive slender frame that guys lose their minds over. She knows this all too well, so her free indicates contain numerous underwear, tiny clothes, and teasing. nevertheless, every person's gotta charge and this Asian cam version is prepared to expose extra in cam2cam indicates.


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Top 25 Best Selling Japanese AV Idol Movies

Top 25 Best Selling Japanese AV Idol Movies

These are the first-class-promoting jap AV movies on the earth

Japan has its personal fashion of porn.  jap pornstars are known as “AV Idols” or “adult Video Idols”.  And while Asian Porn in fashionable is hugely popular in the united states, no longer too many people go out of their way to find true jap porn movies that characteristic real eastern AV Idols.  probable due to the fact it'd require too much work.

That is why I desired to place this list collectively.  After a piece of studies, i was capable of become aware of the twenty-five exceptional selling jap AV movies, primarily based on international-huge income.  So whether or not you do not forget your self a long-time japanese AV Idol gourmet or are simply looking to find out more approximately a truely unique taste of porn, this list have to serve as a useful manual.  maybe.

The top 25 quality-selling japanese AV films

  • Japan Teen Creampies (Maiko Pictures)
  • Super Model 92: Reiko Kobayakawa (Amorz)
  • Japanese Cougar Club Vol. 1 -3 (Maiko Pictures)
  • Kirari 59: Big Tits Beautiful Women (Amorz)
  • Kirari 67: Breast Goddesses (Amroz)
  • School Day (Amroz)
  • Perky Japanese Teens 3 (Maiko Pictures)
  • Hairy Pussy Tokyo Cougars (Maiko Pictures)
  • Merci Beaucoup 18: Miho Ichiki (Amorz)
  • Catwalk Poison 91 (Amorz)
  • Hairy Japanese Pussies 2 (Maiko Pictures)
  • La Foret Girl  Vol. 8 (Amorz)
  • Catwalk Poison 92: Reiko Kobayakawa (Amorz)
  • Japanese Grannies 7 (Maiko Pictures)
  • Japanese Shemales (Maiko Pictures)
  • Japanese Grannies Vol. 1 – 3 (Maiko Pictures)
  • Japanese Shemales 2 (Maiko Pictures)
  • Teens of Japan Vol. 13: Chisa Hirahara & Kasumi Ayano (Maiko Pictures)
  • Encore Vol. 7 (Pulse Pictures)
  • Tokyo Cougar Creampies (Maiko Pictures)
  • Teens of Japan Vol. 9: Ran Takeda & Sakura Fukui (Maiko Pictures)
  • Juicy Japanese Titties (Maiko Pictures)
  • Samurai Porn: Marica In Europe (Amorz)
  • Kirari 74: Reiko Kobayakawa (Amorz)
  • Teens Of Japan Vol. 6: Maho Shibata & Momo Akiyama (Maiko Pictures)

About this List

The statistics used to collect this chart of great-promoting eastern porn films turned into accrued from AdultDVDEmpire, due to the fact there without a doubt isn’t another source available (that I’ve discovered) that tracks international-wide historic sales of japanese AV Idol films.  whilst using AdultDVDEmpire’s facts, I filtered out movies that have been produced by using major US studios (0.33 international Media, depraved photographs, Oriental Dream snap shots, and so forth.) due to the fact I don’t assume those movies ought to be included in a listing like this.

Additionally, understand that Adult DVD Empire is a US based totally enterprise and that its income records is based on world-wide income.  which means that if you had been capable of find a chart that captured sales facts taken best from the japanese market, the results would probably appearance exclusive from the listing above.  for example, movies produced via smaller japanese studios that don’t distribute outdoor of Japan wouldn’t seem right here, even though they could sell very well within the nearby marketplace.

In the end, as I referred to up pinnacle, I wanted to gather this chart for use a reference for lovers of jap AV Idol porn and for those trying to get commenced in learn extra approximately the genre.  With that in mind, it’s essential to remember that you shouldn’t always view this as any type of “best of” listing, as it’s now not.  It simplest ranks films primarily based on how nicely they sell.


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Top 20 Most Hot Sexy JAV Actress In Japan - Part 2

Top 20 Most Hot Sexy JAV Actress In Japan - Part 2

  • 11. Risa Tachibana - the iconic SEXY movie JAV
  • 12. 18+ movie queen Tina Yuzuki
  • 13. Kotone-amamiya: beautiful women have a body of heaven
  • 14. Erika Momotani
  • 15.Jun Aizawa: baby face
  • 16. Arisa kanno- Angel smile
  • 17. Yura Sakura
  • 18. Sana Anjyu (Hina Kurumi): Hot goods
  • 19. Sora Aoi: Great
  • 20. Shiori Kamisaki

11. Risa Tachibana - the iconic SEXY movie JAV

Risa Tachibana, whose real name is Takamatsu Eri, was born in 1993, is one of the youngest movie stars in cherry blossom. At age 20, Tachibana is the name of the male audience known as a new "sexy icon" of the AV series.

Risa Tachibana has been training to become a member of the popular group AKB48, however she later became unofficially a member of the group that turned her around and became an adult film actress.

12. 18+ movie queen Tina Yuzuki

Tina Yuzuki joined the entertainment industry as a member of the Ebisu Muscats. In 2005, when the group disbanded, the girl started her solo career and appeared continuously in some hit Japanese TV shows. Also in this year, Tina started filming AV and was a big fan of her, constantly making her record and making the audience "crazy" by the fire, combined with the beautiful hybrid face.

Hybrid girls have been acclaimed as the "sex queen of Japan" because the movie "not cover" sensitivity has decided to turn direction after 10 years of hard work with entertainment.

13. Kotone-amamiya: beautiful women have a body of heaven

With this innocent face, this charming smile do you think is one of the most daring JAV actors in the Japanese adult film industry?

Kotone-amamiya was born in 1988, high 1m68, measured three rounds 87 - 56 - 83. Hidden behind the face of naive is a very daring girl, always know to stand out from the bare frame, the movie is full of charm.

14. Erika Momotani

Actress Erika Momotani, who was born in 1994, is ranked 14th on the list of potential "saints". She has the perfect body with a height of 1m65 with the measurement of three rounds 84-56-82. But the most important thing is face. Not only is she extremely beautiful, she also gives the viewer a sense of wonder.

Born in 1994, Erika Momotani has been quite successful in her hot movie career. The beautiful face and beautiful face helped Erika a lot in the process.

15. Jun Aizawa

  • Full name: Jun Aizawa
  • Date of birth: 17-11-1994
  • Place of birth: Japan Blood type: A
  • Height: 154 (cm)
  • Measures 3 rounds: 84-59-83 (cm)

JAV actor Jun Aizawa Jun Aizawa has a very sexy face. With his angelic and sexy face Jun Aizawa is not only attracted to men but also to women. This girl was born in 1994 and is one of the top female celebrities in 2016 and one of the most beautiful JAV actresses.

16. Arisa kanno - Angel smile

Blonde brown hair, smooth white skin that makes his eyebrows can not move his eyes from Arisa Kanno. Beginning in 2004, after deciding to turn to daring and somewhat naked images, Ariso Kanno is nicknamed "female porn".

17. Yura Sakura

Another very popular baby face actress is the 1995-born actress Yura Sakura. She owns many fans because of her beautiful looks.

  • Date of Birth: March 21, 1995 (age 23)
  • At: Tokyo, Japan
  • Film: Yamikin Ushijima Kun 3
  • Group: Ebisu ★ Muscats (2015 - 2017)

18. Sana Anjyu (Hina Kurumi): Hot goods

Sana Anjyu has a small body with a naive face. Her films have been rated by the online community to be one of the most popular female idols in the JAV community.

19. Sora Aoi: Great

American woman who made the famous website Alibaba apologize for posting her heart like her - Sora Aoi. Only 1m55 but what made her become AV Idols in a long time? In 2005, her name was ranked second on the Internet.

In 2003, she landed in the mainstream film with her relative film credits: Gun Crazy 4: Requiem for a Bodyguard, Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi, ...

Not only developing career in the country, she is also sought in Asian countries. After 6 hours Aoi opened a Weibo account, her followers counted 160,000 and now it has grown to 15 million followers.

20. Shiori Kamisaki

Shiori Kamisaki was born in 1990, three hot rings contributed to 9x recent years become the leading symbol of Japanese JAV movie.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Top 20 Most Hot Sexy JAV Actress In Japan

Top 20 Most Hot Sexy JAV Actress In Japan

Top 20 Most Anticipated JAVA WORLDS IN THE WORLD:

  • 1. Super HOT girls in the world Megu Fujiura
  • 2. "Adult Angel" Rola Takizawa
  • 3. St. Mary of Ozawa
  • 4. Ria Sakurai - star with angel face
  • 5. Shion Utsunomiya - Super female round 1
  • 6. Emiri Suzuhara
  • 7. She is sexy Saori Hara
  • 8. Ameri Ichinose - baby face, parent body
  • 9. Akiho Yoshizawa - JAV actor has a naive face
  • 10. Tsubasa Amami - Actress jav angel face

1. Super HOT girls in the world Megu Fujiura

With young looks fresh with three rounds, Megu Fujiura is gradually overwhelming all the other girls! With many ways to bring men to the region of ecstasy!

At this point, she is expected to promote her development with a series of new projects S.E.X super. Many viewers in the country of Cherry Blossom waiting for her superhero like waiting for the blockbuster.

Megu Fujiura does not hesitate to invite any Vietnamese man to meet her needs to rock the exchange. It is a very attractive proposition for young people who are F.A.

2. "Adult Angel" Rola Takizawa

Rola Takizawa (or Rola Misaki) is a famous adult film actress in the country of cherry blossoms, she is also called "National Guard Japan". American human in 1992 possesses fiery body and beautiful angelic face thanks to bringing in three Russian-Japanese-Arabian bloodlines.

With a beautiful body, height of 1m72, cute face like angel Rola Takizawa has caused many boys in the world to sob.

In 2015, she was hugely disgruntled with the money she made when she decided to spend 50 million yuan (200 billion) to buy the "porn angel" as her assistant and become face representative of his company within 15 years.

3. St. Mary of Ozawa

Topping the list of the most beautiful and technically talented JAV actors ever to date is Maria Ozawa. This is also the symbol of the Japanese adult film and is networked under the title of "holy girls".

Wearing Japanese and French-Canadian blood, Maria inherits a perfect blend of Japanese woman's beauty with clear Western features.

She studied in the international school from a young age, so her English literacy is better than Japanese. Although international, but Maria emphasized that she likes sex with pure Japanese and likes to follow the gentle, romantic style of East Asia.

So far, she has become one of the most successful female sex actresses in Japan, her videos are expected and released online as soon as she was born, she is known and has millions of fans in her. everywhere in the world. From 2015, Maria Ozawa settled in the Philippines. Here, she participated in many entertainment activities such as acting, modeling and bar business.

About JAV Actor - Maria Ozawa

  • Other Performers: Miyabi
  • Date of birth: January 8, 1986
  • Birthplace: Hokkaido Province, Japan
  • Measurement: Round 1: 88; Round 2: 58; Round 3: 86 (cm)
  • Height: 1m62; Weight: 48 (kg)

4. Ria Sakurai - star with angel face

Since joining Prestige Entertainment, Sakurai Ria has become the number one hot Japanese actress. From the beginning, Ria has been discovered by the men of the hidden beauty of a star is about to shine.

Ria Sakurai is named after the beautiful sun goddess, beautiful face, white skin like chicken peel and is one of the youngest actor in the Japanese hot movie.

While not having a fiery body like Maria Ozawa or Reon Kadena, Ria Sakurai is quite capable of defeating them by her feminine appearance, her innocent face and skin. The adolescents have to admire admiration.

Since joining Prestige Entertainment, Sakurai Ria has become the number one hot Japanese actress. From the beginning, Ria has been discovered by the men of the hidden beauty of a star is about to shine. Ria is also a heavyweight opponent for the "Holy Women" title in the village of JAV.

5. Shion Utsunomiya - Super Sexy Big Boobs

Born in 1994, the name of Shion Utsunomiya is also famous throughout Asia thanks to a tremendous round. In addition, Shion Utsunomiya also owns a face that contrasts perfectly with the body, causing the male to fall in love.

Utsunomiya Shion started filming in 2014, but now the name of the beautiful people really resonate in Japan.

The opposite sex has admitted that they have been attracted by both innocent, sexy and feminine face with Utsunomiya's super sexy breasts.

6. Emiri Suzuhara

  • Full name: Emiri Suzuhara
  • Date of birth: 20-04-1994
  • Place of birth: Japan
  • Blood type: B
  • Height: 160 (cm)
  • Measures 3 rounds: 85-60-88 (cm)

Admittedly, with his innocent and beautiful face, Emiri Suzuhara deserves the title of "best actress" in the top 10 most beautiful JAV actresses in Japan. She has starred in many adult films and is loved by many male fans for her beauty.

7. She is sexy Saori Hara

Saori Hara was born on January 1, 1988, is one of the most popular 18+ movie stars in Japan. She possesses a sharp, attractive and charming charm thanks to her German-Japanese blood flow. She is 165cm tall with a pushy body but extremely charming has become a "phenomenon" of adult movies in Japan.

Saori Hara is well known in the country for her love of adult films such as Clear Water, Lala Pipo, Awakening ... especially after her involvement in the controversial Sex and Zen film - Rising star and spread throughout Asia. According to Wikipedia, Saori Hara is also one of Asia's 50 hottest adult movie stars of all time.

In 2010, Saori Hara suddenly announced his retirement to surprise many fans. At present, she is focusing on her acting career and has built a healthy, clear image. Besides, Saori Hara also participated in many promotional activities in the entertainment industry.

8. Ameri Ichinose - baby face, parent body

Ameri Ichinose is one of the most popular Japanese movie stars. Ichinose is a "rain, wind" on the adult film market of cherry blossoms.

Ameri Ichinose was born in 1987 and started acting in high school in 2006. In her innocent face, Ameri Ichinose quickly became the "AV Idol" as well as Maria Ozawa.

Ameri Ichinose possesses a pretty face, a height of 1m 67 and a pretty lumpy 85-51-85 gauge. Ameri Ichinose won the award in the field of pornography in the country of Cherry Blossom.

Ameri Ichinose has caused the fan community to flutter when suddenly suddenly mistakenly identified as the girlfriend of Shinji Kagawa. Even after that incident was corrected but the name of the hot Japanese movie queen ever hotter than ever.

9. Akiho Yoshizawa - JAV actor has a naive face

Yoshizawa Akiho, also known as Acky, was born in Tokyo on March 3, 1984. After making a gravure idol, Yoshizawa first appeared in 2003 as an AV actress when signed to Alice Japan and Max-A.

Her childhood face has been "heart broken" how many boys, even the tough gamers as an ambassador for Cau Quyen, alongside other AV stars such as An Nanba and Kaede Matsushima.

10. Tsubasa Amami - Actress jav angel face

Tsubasa Amami was born in 1988. Although Tsubasa Amami has been in the entertainment business since 2009, Tsubasa Amami has made a solid presence in the movie and fashion industry. Tsubasa Amami is 43cm tall and she was born in Tokyo, and she is also a 3-rounder with a standard 90/60/89.

Tsubasa Amami said that since childhood she has liked to act as an actress, so she always strives to achieve her goal. In addition, with a measure of 3 standard rounds with pretty face, she is also a model expensive underwear showTsubasa Amami nhí in colorful sets.

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