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Top Japanese JAV Actresses Are The Most Popular 'Google' In 2018 - Part 2

Top Japanese JAV Actresses Are The Most Popular 'Google' In 2018 - Part 2

8. Misaki Ren

Before becoming a porn actress, Misaki Ren was married and had children. This 18+ movie star is not young, but she is experienced and strong in the bed scene.

9. Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi Sasaki comes from a model, with a height of 1m68. She is one of the adult film actors who have angel face and always received the compliment is hot girl with the most beautiful face of cherry blossom

With its elite face, big round eyes and Asian beauty, Sasaki was voted as the most beautiful girl in Japan and ranked 33rd in the top 100 most beautiful people in 2010 by the floating website. of the American magazine Candler.

10. Suzumura Airi

Suzumura was born in 1993, just like any other female co-star. In order to enter the sex scene, she also had to undergo strict selection.

She is highly regarded for her beautiful round 1 beauty and impressive short hair, though her performance is not really outstanding.

11. Sora Aoi

Aoi Sora was born in 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. Unlike many people, she grew up in a very normal Japanese family with three siblings.

Families are not well-off so young artists often go to work outside of school hours at pizza shops, sushi or small bars to earn more.

As a child, Aoi Sora dreams of being a kindergarten teacher because he loves children. But at the age of 17, Aoi Sora accidentally walked into the road as an adult film actor because a manager complimented with a pretty face, physique fit model and recruited

Aoi Sora is not only a fan favorite in Japan but also a huge fan of China and Southeast Asia.

Aoi Sora started to reach the international market when he went to Thailand and Korea to film a TV series. She has starred in the hit Hormones TV series of Thailand and the film won many successes as well as awards at home and abroad.

12. Yui Hatano

Having entered the adult film industry in March 2013, the new Yuri Hatano has become a public eye. While still in college, the hobby of watching "hot movies" has led her to a scandalous career.

According to an adult Japanese film producer, educated students are now the number one choice for stardom. She received the Best JAV Award for Best Actor in 2013, awarded by Japanese filmmakers

In addition, Yui Hatano is on the list of 30 Asian female stars are sought by most Chinese netizens today on Baidu.

13. Tian Meibo

Tian Meibo has been a fan of male idol in the Japanese female idol who owns the first round of "adult" appearances in adult films. She also set a record for best selling single within 5 days of release in Japan.

14. Osawa Moe

Born in 1992, his face is rather old compared to his peers but Osawa Moe succeeds in "maturity" in acting.

Osawa Moe once confessed that, due to too many adult films, she felt slightly bored, which affected her emotional and acting quality.

15. Kotone - Amamiya

Kotone - Amamiya was born in 1988, with a height of 1m68 with a 3-ring number of 87-56-83. She possesses a fiery body and always creates pictures with naked images showing her most beautiful body.

Kotami's career - Amamiya was marked in 2008 when she joined Girimoza Amemiya Kotone in November, 1818. Later, she was the female lead of many adult films and became the new symbol of sexi in the JAV world.

This is the top JAV Japan actor most loved by the 'Google' of the year part 2we aggregated. If you feel that any actor who top TOP can comment on the comments at the end of the article, we will update as soon as possible for you.


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