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TOP 9 Is The Most Exciting JAV Actress In Japan

TOP 9 Is The Most Exciting JAV Actress In Japan

Japan is probably the place to train many JAV actors, and is most famous for adult films, with many good films, with beautiful cast. If you have traveled to the country of Cherry Blossom then you probably feel better than this.

And here are the Top 9 Japanese JAV actresses are very beautiful and sexy girls, hot body hard to describe, first look you have a sense of excitement and excitement, this is It's hard for boys.

1 / Rola Takizawa - the hottest angel in the sunrise.

Dubbed as the natural land of the sun rising by innocent beauty. Although no fiery body, Ria Sakurai has snow white skin that many people gato. Takizawa (born Laura Takizawa) was born in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan, a popular teen model in cherry blossom country. With a beautiful body, cute face like angel and white skin flawless, community network did not regret the praise, also gave her the nickname "National defense of women in Japan."

With a beautiful body, height of 1 m 72, cute face like angel mixed beautiful beauty between three Asian, Arab and European blood, Takizawa Laura is the community no praise sung. Since childhood, she has been a popular name in the entertainment industry in Japan when participating in a lot of music clips as well as some supporting roles in the drama J-Dramas (Japanese drama) . In addition, she is a teenage model that is "expensive" with pure beauty. However, the Japanese public was shocked when Rola Takizawa officially abandoned the iconic angel that he built. to participate in the adult entertainment in Japan (JAV - Japanese Adult Videos).

That made many of Takizawa Laura's fans shocked, even some of Takizawa's fan pages showed a timeline cover with the words "fallen angel". Takizawa Laura stated simply, "Angels need money." In fact, a famous JAV actress filming an adult movie can be paid between ten million and hundreds of millions of yen. However, most fans are sorry for her cute angel image.However, since officially joined the village of JAV, the name Rola Takizawa became more "hot" when she signed a series of advertising contracts in Japan and most recently the blockbuster deal to become the exclusive image representative for the Chinese version of Angel Story (here, young people are familiar with the picture representative image from JAV).

2 / Ria Sakurai

Dubbed a natural land of the sun rising by innocent beauty. But without fiery body, Ria Sakurai has white skin as snow that many people gato.

  • Personal information
  • Height: 152 cm
  • Blood type: AB
  • Measures 3 rounds: 80 - 56 - 82
  • Hobbies: Shopping, basketball, cooking

Ria Sakurai is the goddess of heaven, born of beautiful beauty, beautiful face, white skin like chicken peeled and one of the youngest actor in the Japanese JAV. Sakurai at once

Ria Sakurai is a phenomenon, a real bomb in the adult film world, many contracts, many companies want to work with Ria Sakurai, but so far she has only four films shoulder.
In addition to making adult films, Ria Sakurai's main job is still shooting nude art, and all four films she has played have been obscured because Japan is an Asian country anyway. In practice, they forbid the display of sensitive parts to the screen, so it was imperative that when making the filmmakers' work, they would have to do another one to blur the sensation. This is explained because four Ria Sakurai films are produced in the domestic context of Japan.

3 / Risa Tachibana

Want to become a member of popular group AKB48. Then she decided to take the path of becoming an adult film actress. With the industry and the popularity of adult movies, not following the entertainment is also a proper decision by Risa. Celebrity actress Risa Tachibana, abandoning her passion for singing, dreams of becoming a singer, she chose to become famous porn actor in Japan. With the beauty of a doll, she made the viewer feel really can not hurt her a little bit.

Risa Tachibana Picture Results for Risa TachibanaRisa Tachibana is one of the youngest movie actors in cherry country. The girl born in 1993 moved her career from singing and her first hot scene was only 30 seconds. Possessing skin like white ceramics, beautiful shape and natural round 1, Risa Tachibana has proved its irresistible charm when deciding to embark on this special entertainment.

4 / Akiho Yoshizawa

Akiho Yoshizawa was born in Tokyo, Japan on March 3, 1984, from a photographic model. Yoshizawa first appeared in 2003, officially following the AV path when signing with the likes of Alice Japan and Max-A.

Yoshizawa's latest movie list

My Sister Is An AV Idol
Welcome to Max Cafe!
Wanna Be Selfish !!
Akiho Yoshizawa in Female Teacher Hunt
Dangerous Looked-Up Room
Princess, Hitting the Town!
Uniform Doll Dress Up Collection 2005
Maison Akiho Final Episode

5 / Yuzuki Tina

Yuzuki Tina - girlfriend rumored star Kagawa Info Yuzuki TinaYuzuki Tina was born October 29, 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. Like other actors such as Maria Ozawa, Hanai Meisa and Ohura Anna, Yuzuki has two blood streams. Her father is Japanese and her mother is Portuguese. The Portuguese that she learned is from her mother. Yuzuki TinaYuzuki Tina (Japanese: 柚木 蒂娜) is also known as Rio, a Japanese pornographic actress, starting a business. in 2005 and the films she starred in were produced by Max-A and S1. Yuzuki Tina. After the films she filmed in her first year of acting, she won the Best New Actress award. most) in 2006. At the end of 2007, she changed her stage name to Rio. The movie list included Yuzuki Tina

Hot Wind
Feel Refreshing
Dramatic Love
Talk to Her ...
Max Girls Ecstasy
Endless Ecstasy Fuck
PASSION -Hot and Wet-
High School Girl Abducted / High School Girl in Captivity

6 / Ameri Ichinose

Ameri Ichinose - On September 16, 1987 at Kanagawa, Ameri Ichinose owns a pretty face, a height of 1m 67 and a pretty lumpy 85-51-85 gauge. Ameri Ichinose won the award in the field of pornography in the country of Cherry Blossom.

7 / Maria Ozawa

DO NOT need to explain when mentioning the name. The most popular name, always used as a prerequisite in the conversation, troll image.

Maria Ozawa was born on January 8, 1987, and was born into a well-off family. Her French father is an engineer working in the Japanese nuclear power plant. Her mother is Japanese.

8 / Saori Hara

Saori Hara is the golden girl of the Japanese "adult film industry". Not only is it considered a big hit in the Japanese JAV scene, this girl is also believed to carry the weight of a big star.

In the movies she participated in, there were a lot of views and searches on the internet because of her brand and her charismatic Western face. Saori Hara's ProfileAt present, Saori Hara is very young, born on January 01, 1988. , also a cross between Germany and Japan. Saori Hara has a sexy look that, when looking into the eyes, viewers have guessed her "heart".

9 / Rola Takizawa - JAV Queen

Rola Takizawa - JAV Queen has a beautiful cross between Russia and Japan. Her debut film was released in July 2012, reaching a record number of 180 downloads in a week. Takizawa's photo sets are always the subject of great interest, which is of great interest to the readers.



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