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Top 10 JAV Actresses Are Looking For The Most

Top 10 JAV Actresses Are Looking For The Most

JAV actor is one of the licensed occupations in Japan, now there are nearly 8,000 women in Japan, but not all of them remember their names. However, a recent Japanese survey released the top 10 Japanese JAV actresses to be searched in 2017.

1. Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa, one of the most popular actors in the sex industry of Japan. "The Hot Queen" has been in the business for more than 10 years, she has starred in the film since she was 18, and has just left it short.

Maria Ozawa was born on 8.1.1986 in Hokkaido (Japan). Her mother is Japanese, her father is Canadian. Maria went to international school in Hokkaido, so she spoke good English and Japanese. As a hot movie actress, Maria does not shy away from talking about herself. On her personal website, Maria Ozawa regularly talks about her daily life, posting pictures of her going out with friends, having fun, and having a lot of articles and photos of her food. do

In 2014, Ozawa retired and went to the Phillipnes. But her current income level is still the sixth boss on the AV Idol ranking the earliest income.

2. Laura Takizawa

Misola (also known as Laura Takizawa) is a Japanese actress famous for her angelic face and hot body. Born in Tokyo in 1992, Japan is a very popular teen model in cherry blossom country.

With a beautiful body, height 1.72m, beautiful face as angel mixed beautiful beauty between three Asian, Arabian and European blood, Takizawa Laura community is not sorry for praise.

Since childhood, she has been a popular name in the entertainment industry in Japan when participating in a lot of music clips as well as some supporting roles in the J-Drama movie (Japanese drama). In addition, she is also a teen model is "expensive" with pure beauty.

Nonetheless, the Japanese public was shocked when Rola Takizawa officially shook off the angelic image that he built to join the adult entertainment industry in Japan.

Since joining JAV, the name Rola Takizawa has become more popular when she signed a series of advertising in Japan and most recently the blockbuster deal 50. million yuan (equivalent to 200 billion VND) to become the exclusive image representative of the giant conglomerate China in 15 years.

3. Ameri Ichinose

Ameri Ichinose is one of the most popular Japanese movie stars. Ichinose is a "rain, wind" on the adult film market of cherry blossoms. Ameri Ichinose was born in 1987 and started acting in high school in 2006. In her innocent face, Ameri Ichinose quickly became the "AV Idol" as well as Maria Ozawa.

Ameri Ichinose possesses a pretty face, a height of 1m 67 and a pretty lumpy 85-51-85 gauge. Ameri Ichinose won the award in the field of pornography in the country of Cherry Blossom. Currently, Ameri Ichinose ranks 4th in the list of the top 10 highest paid 18+ movie stars in Japan.

4. Risa Tachibana

Risa Tachibana's real name is Takamatsu Eri. She possessed beautiful face, shy smile and white skin that many men are passionate. Risa Tachibana has been training to become a member of the popular group AKB48.

However, the girl born in 1992 decided to go to breast augmentation surgery to engage in acting "adult film". Risa Tachibana's first role was a 30-second hot scene.

Possessing skin like white ceramics, beautiful shape and natural round 1, Risa Tachibana has proved its irresistible charm when deciding to embark on this special entertainment.

5. Saori Hara

Saori Hara is known as one of the familiar faces of the village of JAV, possesses hot body and beauty cross between East and West Maria no Ozawa

Saori Hara is well known in the country for her love of adult films such as Clear Water, Lala Pipo, Awakening ... especially after her involvement in the controversial Sex and Zen film - Rising star and spread throughout Asia. Saori Hara is also one of the 50 hottest Asian adult movie stars of all time.

In 2010, Saori Hara suddenly announced his retirement to surprise many fans. At present, she is focusing on her acting career and has built a healthy, clear image. Besides, Saori Hara also participated in many promotional activities in the entertainment industry.

6. Leah Dizon

When it comes to the most beautiful "adult film" actresses of all time, Leah Dizon can not be ignored. She is not only beautiful but also multi-talented as a model, singer, actress and a Japanese TV star.

Leah Dizon has the Japanese name Ria Dizon, born on September 24, 1986. She is attracted to the charm of Western charm. If Maria Ozawa hybrid 2 blood, Leah Dizonmang in his four bloodlines France, America, China, Philippines.

7. Sakurai Ria

Ria Sakurai was born on July 19, 1989 in Akita, Japan, is a nude model, pornographic actress, Japanese idol JAV (AV idol). Ria Sakurai is known for her beautiful eyes, beautiful face, white skin like chicken eggs and is one of the youngest actor in JAV Japan.

Not with a fiery body like Maria Ozawa or Reon Kadena sisters but Ria Sakurai completely possessed the ability to beat them by the feminine look, innocent face and make the perfect skin of She made the sisters to admire

Ria Sakurai has emerged as a phenomenon, a real bomb in the adult film industry, many contracted, many want to make her own Ria Sakurai but so far she has only 4 movie plays. So far, Sakurai Ria has become Japan's number one hot movie.

8. Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi Sasaki comes from a model, with a height of 1m68. She is one of the adult film actors who have angel face and always received praise as hot girl with the most beautiful face of cherry blossom.

With its elite face, big round eyes and Asian beauty, Sasaki was voted as the most beautiful girl in Japan and ranked 33rd in the top 100 most beautiful people in 2010 by the floating website. of the American magazine Candler.

9. Suzumura Airi

Suzumura was born in 1993, just like any other female co-star. In order to enter the sex scene, she also had to undergo strict selection.

She is highly regarded for her beautiful round 1 beauty and impressive short hair, though her performance is not really outstanding.

10. Sora Aoi

Aoi Sora was born in 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. Unlike many people, she grew up in a very normal Japanese family with three siblings.

Families are not well-off so young artists often go to work outside of school hours at pizza shops, sushi or small bars to earn more. As a child, Aoi Sora dreams of being a kindergarten teacher because he loves children. But at the age of 17, Aoi Sora stumbled into the path of adult filmmaking as a complimented by a pretty face, shapely body modeling and recruiting.

Aoi Sora is not only a fan favorite in Japan but also a huge fan of China and Southeast Asia.

After declaring retirement, Aoi Sora started to reach the international market when he went to Thailand and Korea to film a TV series. She has starred in hit Thai dramas Hormones and won many awards both domestically and internationally. Recently, Aoi Sora announced that she has been married to a country DJ and is preparing to become a mother


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