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Top 3 favorite JAV actresses (October 2018 edition)

Top 3 favorite JAV actresses (October 2018 edition)

Haven’t had the sort of pinnacle lists in some time. So here is going one 🙂 Like I usually say such lists are in simple terms subjective and for amusing, your favored woman choice might be completely distinct and that is perfectly exceptional. everyone has one-of-a-kind flavor and selections. And isn’t it fantastic that we've a lot variety available?. yes, sir!

The best problem i have is that I probably neglect a person, however in any case to select the girls I carried out this criterion:

Presently energetic, highly new actress (much less than five years energetic or so).
uncooked beauty. must have a wow thing.
popular right now.

1. Aizawa Minami

Talk approximately a woman who has it all. That’s Aizawa Minami. not handiest she is quite… she is simply unreal.

I think I covered her the ultimate time I made any such list, and i will need to pressure myself to now not encompass her over again, cuz she is unbelievable.

She debuted for concept pocket studio in 2016 starring in AVOP-201, that speaks enough about the great of this girl. anyone knew she would be a movie star and they spared no effort to push her.

By some means similar to the Yoshitaka Nene case which additionally debuted in an AVOP launch, and S1 also put excessive hopes on that female success.

She continues to be hired in IP as an special actress… literally a printing money system.

  • Name: Aizawa Minami
  • Japanese name: 相沢みなみ
  • Born: 1996-06-14
  • 3-sizes: 80-54-82
  • Blood type: A
  • Twitter: @minami_aizawa_
  • Instagram: epoint2016
Some of her best videos include:

IPX-146. A rowdy and dirty massive gangbang Bukkake.
IPX-177. Schoolgirl.
IPZ-910. Miss Minami the teacher…

2. Kana Momonogi

Kana Monomonogi commenced on porn in 2015 under the name of Matsushima Maasa. initially, she didn’t have success neither excellent appears, as she changed into truely plumpy. a few months and many kilos later she changed into doing films for Imouto, then she stepped up, lost even extra weight severely speedy,  changed her call to Kana Momonogi and joined concept Pocket as an unique actress.

And all of that changed into finished even before 2015 turned into over… LOL. Now, that’s stepping up.

Kana-chan has admitted herself to be a Kishi Aino fan, and she wanted to emulate her steps. no longer best she has grow to be an AV actress, but she also joined the Ebisu Muscats in 2015, so she has accomplished a very good process emulating the grasp.

Kana Momonogi is on her manner to go beyond being a trifling AV actress, as she is pursuing both an Idol and making a song career. She honestly has the swag and appears to be a outstanding idol.

In this yr 2018 is simply tough to agree with the coolest form she is. She looks top notch proper now and her sweet humorous voice is constantly a plus.

Much like the previous girl, Aizawa Minami, she will do all of it and she or he doesn’t pull away from any fetish. And all she does she does it well.

  • Name: Momonogi Kana
  • Japanese Name: 桃乃木かな
  • Born: 1996-12-24
  • 3-sizes: 80-54-80
  • Height: 153cm
  • Blood type: AB
  • Twitter: @Kana_Momonogi
  • Instagram: kana_momonogi
  • Official site:
Some blast from the past:

IPZ-921. Otaku princess.
IPZ-904. Insta-sex, pretty fun.

Absolutely, it’s pretty tough to pick out from her catalog. most of her motion pictures are pretty properly.

3. Ito Mayuki

Range 3 choosing wasn’t that clean, I nearly covered Ichinose Momo instead, I been liking her for a long time.

But, Ito Mayuki has a lot punch. She debuted this year 2018 for Kawaii studio, in which she nevertheless stays. So she nonetheless may be taken into consideration a rookie.

For me, what Ito Mayuki has is natural sex appeal. She won't have the plain natural uncooked splendor of both Minami and Kana. but Ito Mayuki could make your balls blue and make a person loopy. She has a completely unique sex power and seductive appeal… it’s hard to explain…

Probable it’s her innocent face, combined along with her sex-demon strategies. Her body is pretty strong too. slender waist, but massive boobs…

  • She is right, lads.
  • Name: Ito Mayuki
  • Japanese Name: 伊藤舞雪
  • Born: 1997-11-30
  • Height: 160
  • 3-sizes: 88-54-89
  • Twitter: @mayukiito

Blow from the past:

KAWD-880. Debut.
KAWD-913. Miracles happen.


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