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The Most Beautiful and Popular Japanese Actresses

The Most Beautiful and Popular Japanese Actresses

I created a pinnacle 10 listing a while ago and i’ve determined its time for a revision. a few actresses are out and others are in. also a few have swapped locations. with out similarly ado we could kick it off with:

10. Kaho Kasumi

Kaho Kasumi is one my newest additions to my list. always heard her name thrown around however never surely gotten into her until I noticed her in MIMK-039:

After that I watched increasingly more and fell in love. i used to be blown away by using how extremely good of a performer she is. She’s in all likelihood one of the pleasant performers in jav in recent times. She possessed exceptional electricity, enthusiasm and ardour. additionally she has a tendency to get very sweaty during her scenes that is always a plus in my ebook.

I additionally think she’s got a tremendous and well proportioned frame. even as her boobs may not be the largest they fit her frame very well and are all natural. besides that she’s got a pleasing toned body. I find her stomach to be surely sexy with out a trace of flab and first-rate ab definition.

The best motives she doesn’t rank better is that her ass isn’t the first-class and i must say her early work is instead mediocre in comparison to her later films. seems like she without a doubt grew and blossomed as she got older and greater mature. right here’s my suggest movies for her:

9.Ai Uehara

Her placement on my list may also come as a bit of a marvel to a number of you. I’ve just kinda fallen away from her considering she retired. however she nevertheless without difficulty makes my list because of her unmatched performing abilties. She boasts wonderful enthusiasm and offers it her all in every unmarried video. also she’s not shy on the subject of attempting new things. She’s finished all of it consisting of cum swallowing, bukkake, lesbian, anal, interracial, uncensored or even dp.

She additionally has one of the maximum specific our bodies in jav. first-class tits and ass combined with thick thighs and her capability to squirt which is completely remarkable to observe.

I didn’t rank her higher really because after she retired I sorta forgot about her. however no question she left a legacy at the back of and is one of the most prolific actresses of the beyond decade. some of my favorites of hers consist of:

8. Haruki Sato

Again much like Ai Uehara Haruki Sato’s placement has dropped a piece due to her retirement and just not seeing any new content material from her. but I nonetheless lover her as she’s one my first loves of jav. Its tremendous what number of modifications her body went through throughout her profession. commencing with being rather thin after which putting on some weight and turning into thicc. although she ended her profession with a alternatively poor appearance as she were given very chubby during her final videos. That being stated during her prime years she had one of the first-rate standard bodies ever. exquisite hips, high-quality tits, great ass, thick thighs and simply flat out insane curves. a true hourglass frame.

Another superb characteristic of Haruki is her wonderful squirting capability. She’s simply up there as one of the satisfactory and might squirt like a geyser. She additionally played and done in a variety of roles and motion pictures. From interracial to bukkake to lesbian and (normally) everything in among. simplest drawbacks together with her is that her overall performance ability is simply above common as she’s a very good but no longer extremely good performer. And the principle trouble that hurts her is how she allow herself cross near the cease. nevertheless i will constantly bear in mind her for her prime years and her godtier thick frame. a few advocate favorites her encompass:

7. Julia

No wonder here with Julia. She’s one of the most recognizable actresses in jav ever and continues to be going sturdy.  She makes my listing for her near ideal boobs and remarkable frame. pretty, slender, and busty coupled with best legs and stomach. Its simply unlucky how her boobs have gotten smaller over the past yr or so. still appearance remarkable but now not what they as soon as were.

The matters conserving her back for me is her lackluster acting and vanilla motion pictures. while she has honestly stepped forward over the years she’s nevertheless now not a pinnacle first-rate performer like she must be. nonetheless looks like she’s conserving back or simply not giving it her all and is content with without a doubt laying there and searching properly. And as I referred to she’s actually vanilla in her videos. no longer in reality venturing out and trying new genre or fetishes. No lesbian, anal, interracial and appears to dislike facials. but at the stop of the day its tough to hate when she’s got a killer body. With that being stated right here’s my pinnacle favorites of Julia.

6. Hitomi Tanaka

You both love her or hate her. She’s in all likelihood the most recognizable jav actress to the west and each person that has a moderate interest in jap porn knows who she is.  Hitomi has long past through a few exchange at some stage in her profession. In her in advance years she turned into extra obese and was a median performer at satisfactory. however round 2014 she misplaced weight and truely blossomed as a performer and is now one of the excellent in the commercial enterprise.

Hitomi makes my list for obvious motives. Her massive boobs are off putting for some however for the ones like me i'm able to’t get sufficient. I’m additionally a huge fan of her recent slim physique. at the same time as she maybe lost only a tad bit an excessive amount of weight I nonetheless think she seems excellent and as a end result she appears to be much happier.

This brings me to her other big plus that's her robust performances. As I cited over the last few years she has elevated herself to becoming one of the exceptional. She is both passionate and lively in addition to simply being in correct spirits in all her videos. She actually offers it her all. The handiest drawback along with her is that her early films suffered from weak acting and she or he doesn’t have plenty of an ass. With that right here’s my pinnacle choices for Hitomi.

5. Kaori

Here’s another new favorite of mine that I simply found this 12 months. Being a big fan of thick actresses I fell in love with Kaori. She commenced her profession as a racequeen after which made the switch to AV in 2009. Now one huge motive i really like Kaori is her large and spherical ass. She possesses one of the quality asses in jav imo. Its simplest made better thanks to her thick thighs which might be tremendous. subsequent up are her boobs that at the same time as they are faux I assume they’re a number of the higher ones I’ve visible. Perky, nicely shaped and extremely good nipples. All these things mixed makes her frame superbly thick and horny.

Yet another huge wonderful aspect of her beyond just looks is her appearing ability. she will settle in and play her distinct position conveniently whether its a mom, housewife or a seductive boss simply to name a few. She by no means “overacts” either that's a massive plus. as an example in a rape themed video you gained’t listen her sounding like an ambulance. not often whining and bringing a pleasing quantity of passion to her performances. If I had one critique with regards to her acting it that from time to time she’s not the most active performer. except that she’s a super skills with a sexy thick body and an extraordinary ass. right here’s some of my pinnacle picks for her:

4. Kurea Hasumi

Coming in at number 4 is none aside from Kurea Hasumi.  Now the principle obvious reason she’s here is of route her insane ass. She boasts one of, if not the nice ass I’ve visible on a jav actress. Going beyond that her stomach and abs also are very quality. And of route i'm able to’t overlook to mention her incredible legs. Now one nitpick a few have with Kurea is her face. while her face isn’t the excellent and i'm able to sorta see why some call her “ratface” its not as horrific as they make it out to be. no longer the prettiest but in no way ugly. And ultimately her bolt-ons. I don’t mind them that a whole lot simply however i can see how they could hassle others. they have a totally faux appearance to them and will be higher fashioned.

Of course any point out of Kurea wouldn’t be entire without mentioning her supreme talent as a performer. without difficulty rating as a pinnacle 3 performer in my eyes. She regularly takes  manipulate and plays the dominant position readily. also very lively and attractive at some point of her performances. She sincerely nails any slutty performing function given to her and is probably the excellent around. right here are some of my huge favorites from her.


3. Minori Hatsune

all and sundry that is aware of me is aware that i'm a huge fan of Minori and he or she might be my primary bias. I virtually love her. Now in terms of her frame she may additionally have no longer the biggest and first-rate assets but she’s very solid all around. Her boobs are properly fashioned and have a number of the exceptional nipples i've ever seen. within the ass department she’s approximately common, maybe simply slightly above. aside from that her stomach is quality as properly. but maybe my favorite part of her is her face. I’ve stated this time and time again however I assume she’s the cutest actress in jav ever. So lovable, adorable, horny and beautiful all on the same time.

In terms of her acting capability I discover she’s a touch above common. i will’t say she’s up there with the high-quality but she can simply pull out some high-quality performances including in IPZ-561 or IPTD-852 simply to name a few. What i like even greater than her acting is just her character. She’s so bubbly, amusing and candy. She also has the most cute snort i have ever heard. An instance of her snicker that I may additionally or may not have watched one hundred instances >_>. I ought to move on and on about her but I suppose its time I quit this with my suggest choices.


2. Anri Okita

I honestly struggled on the position between her and my number one. Its virtually a tie but my pinnacle pick out has only a mild edge over Anri. That being stated Anri Okita without difficulty has one of the satisfactory our bodies to ever grace jav. She’s of path very pretty with nice eyes although her face does have a mild “puffiness” to it but it doesn’t count number an awful lot to me. Then there’s her hips and waist which can be definitely top notch. combined along with her boobs all of it comes together to present her a close to ideal hourglass figure. speakme of her boobs she’s got a number of the quality I’ve ever visible. They’re so company and perky along with having an outstanding form and nipples. My simplest critique is they almost look too ideal hinting on the fact that they’re likely augmented in some way. She maybe could of taken the top spot if it wasn’t for her lackluster ass. She has satisfactory hips and thighs however it doesn’t lead to an awesome ass like I wish it did. nevertheless her body is exceptional and an absolute delight to observe on every occasion.

Also as a performer Anri ranks as considered one of first-rate from recent years. she will be able to play many roles and is incredible at seduction. on the identical time she’s commonly very lively and receives into her scenes instead of just sitting there and taking it. Her chemistry with other actresses is some of the fine too. She’s no longer shy about interacting with others as proven in MIRD-one hundred fifty and MIRD-a hundred forty five. With all that being said right here’s a number of my top favorites from hers.

1. Rio Hamasaki

Rio Hamasaki or “Queen Rio” as she’s regularly called. She become my past love of jav. The very time I saw her i was blown away and found out simply how remarkable jav certainly can be. It become tough selecting among her and Anri for my no 1 spot but in the long run chose Rio for several distinct reasons.

For starters I simply love her face. She has satisfactory eyes and smile however perhaps my favourite thing is her pouty lips. also her stomach is pretty fine too. but virtually her nice asset is nicely…her property. Imo she has the first-rate pair of boobs out of any jav actress ever. All natural, perky and excellently fashioned and sized. whenever I see them I’m simply blown away. Now I gotta be truthful and say that her ass is not that tremendous. At best its common. nevertheless though she has one hell of an extremely good body.

Some other large plus of Rio is her insane squirting potential. She could squirt like a geyser. ultimately her performing is extremely robust. She very consistent and nearly continually promises a extremely good performance. Plus she’s very bendy in her roles from gambling mature roles to dominant roles and submissive ones just to name a few. She’s very amusing to observe and all this mixed makes her my primary preferred actress. I’ll cease this with some of my favorite motion pictures of hers.


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